Friday, June 17, 2011

A brand new Kobo

Well - it has been an eventful week as I play with my new Kobo.  For the first couple of days that I had it - it was great.  I thought the touchscreen was a bit sluggish but didn't really think anything of it.  I was having great fun reading and racking up page turns and hours read in Reading Life.

Then Wednesday hit.

As I finishing reading at lunch, I noticed that the lower half of the screen had lines etched across it - dividing the screen in half.   It wasn't the ghosting of pages gone by, but dark, horizontal lines that got worse as the page turns wore on.   I was so upset.   I put out a call on Mobile Read to see if anyone else was experiencing it.  Nope.  No one.  

I posted the above photos to describe the problem and someone weighed in that it looked like it might be a screen connection issue.  Regardless, I knew I had to take that unit back and exchange it.

Chapters was wonderful about it.  They said they hadn't seen anything like that happen yet and they quickly swapped it out for another unit.  Kobo was great too - when I posted the problem on Twitter - they responded within a couple of minutes, eager to help.   In the end, though, last night, I brought home a brand new Kobo Touch.  Same as the old one.  However, on this one, I noticed that the touchscreen is much snappier (on the first one it would sometimes take 4-5 tries to turn a page) and the print is much brighter.  With any luck - the issue I had with the first one will be something that is few and far between on these devices.  

Issue notwithstanding, I am pretty happy with the little reader.  Now I'm just waiting to see when MEdge will come out with covers for them.  I wasn't a bit fan of what I saw in Chapters for Kobo covers and I would really like to get one that is made for my reader!

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