Thursday, June 30, 2011

25th Anniversary Rick Hansen Relay

I did something a little out of character for me a couple of days ago.  I've debated with myself on whether or not I should post about it, but it's a good thing and totally worth sharing.

First, a little background.

25 years ago, Rick Hansen held his Man in Motion tour, where he wheeled himself around the world to raise awareness and showcase the abilities of the disabled and to be a part of finding the cure for spinal cord injury.   His incredible tour was awe inspiring.   Being an impressionable child at the time, I'd like to think that this tour inspired me to be the person I am today.  To never put limits on myself or others because we are all capable of surprising the world with what we can do when we're given a chance.

Fast forward 25 years and the Rick Hansen Foundation is recreating the tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original tour.  This time, though, it will be a Many in Motion tour and will be a medal relay across Canada, following in the tread marks of Hansen's original Canadian tour route.

After only a second of hesitation...I threw my name into the hat to become a relay participant.   I am sure there will be thousands and thousands of entrants and that the chance of my being selected is pretty slim, but I'm putting myself out there and am hoping to be selected for a leg of the relay that runs between Okotoks and Calgary next February.  It would surely become the most memorable 0.25K I've run :)

There are opportunites to participate across the entire country - they are seeking 7000 medal bearers! Some of the regions on the east coast are already closed to entries into the contest, but check it out anyway and see if you might like to be a part of this amazing experience. 

To enter the contest, click here

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  1. Thanks for the great blog post and your support - The Rick Hansen Foundation


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