Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Update - May 22/11

I brought it on myself. I really did.  Last week, I lamented needing a good kickstart to the ol' diet and the very next day

Stomach flu!

Not the kickstart I had in mind, but I'll take it.  In the three days I had the bug, I lost 8lbs, bringing me to 53lbs total!  Once I started eating again - I did float up a bit on the ol' poundage, but so far I seem to be using that uncomfortable time to my dieting advantage.   In BIG news, the loss while I was sick did bring me to my...wait for it...

50lb Weight Loss Milestone!!!
(and then I gained it back so I still have 2 lbs to go)

Again - I don't recommend it as a weight loss measure, but there might as well be an upside :)

The rest of my goals for the week?  *insert giant pffffffffft raspberry here and accompany with thumbs down*
  • Pack lunches and snacks for work - Did it.  Only had to do it for 1 day, though so that was easy
  • Keep my calories in check - did it.  Lose It tells me I was thousands under my allowance for the week
  • Two midweek runs - HA!  like I had the energy
  • Three bike sessions - ummm.  no. 
  • at least 3 yoga sessions - and
My knee feels fantastic now, though.  I guess the forced rest did me some real good.  After I spent all day Monday in bed, I felt like a woman with new and perfect knees!  Well, not completely perfect as I did feel the "offness" during drills at the clinic but it was definitely better than it has been.
This weekend was all about learning to be a better runner and being with my girlies (we all went to a birthday party where there was a petting zoo).  Slept in...well, maybe not that last one.   The girlies were still down with the end of this stomach bug so we just wanted everyone to get better so we could stop doing complete bedding changes at 3am!

and now for this week's fabulous goals:
  • Register for races after Footstock
  • Cook real food for lunches (sounds like a good way to pass a rainy holiday monday)
  • 2 weekday runs, 3 bike sessions - no jamming this time.  I should be perfectly healthy enough to do it
  • Start thinking about how to incorporate core work and plyometrics into my routine.   The clinic really has me thinking about this.  It may be time to dust off the P90X DVDs...  
  • Look forward to Calgary's big race weekend next week! and to hopefully finally meeting Coach Jenny Hadfield!

Vote for me!

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