Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Update - May 15/11

Ok - so maybe I'm pushing it a bit by calling it a "weekly" update.  I admit, I've been a bit lax on this lately! I've been pretty good at regularly posting so I'm going to try really hard to keep this up too.

This week, I managed to get almost all of my scheduled workouts in.  I biked Mon/Wed.  I ran to the dayhome after work on Tuesday and then fit in a noon hour run on Thursday.   I did the yoga video 5 times!  On Saturday, I ran just shy of 19K with my runner girls and it didn't kill me :P.  I tried the fig newtons as fuel and they were short - I was a workout superhero this week!

On the fuel front, I was able to try both the fig newtons and the honey stingers on that long run.  The honey stingers did the exact same thing as the shot blox did - I felt nauseous within minutes,but downing another fig newton killed that sensation.  I think I'll stick with the cookies for bit and see if they can be a long-term fuel for me as I move into marathon training.

I am in need of a good kickstart.  Since New Years, I am down 18lbs. Yay me!  But I have been stalled for a while and my willpower has been pretty weak the last few weeks.   The first week I was back to work, I ate horribly and didn't workout at all (let's just say I was resting my knee, even though it might not be true).   The second week was better on the workout front, but I am still eating like crap.  I usually just zero out on my Lose It app thing.   Meaning, I am eating up all of the calories I manage to burn.   I need more of a deficit to see the last 10lbs disappear so I absolutely NEED to whip my @$$ into gear and get it gone.

To do this, I am looking at the things I have coming up in the near future.  We did have a family reunion planned, but then it was cancelled (I think...I'm so confused).  I also have the wedding of a dear friend in early July.  Losing the last 10lbs would be great incentive to buy a fantastic dress for it.  Maybe that should be my lose the weight before the last weekend in June so I can shop for a terrific new frock :)

In other "new clothes" news - I need new, smaller running tanks.  Having had my favourites covered up all winter as base layers, I didn't realize how big they had gotten (though I really should have...losing almost 20lbs will tend to make things fit big), so I will probably be treating myself to some new running tanks for summer.  Maybe when I hit my 50lb mark in a couple of pounds...

I also need to concentrate on my stretching because my knee issues seem to be almost entirely muscle tightness.   The yoga video has been helping and I think if I continue, I will be able to run my next two races relatively pain free.

So, with all of this in mind, here are my goals for this week:
  • Pack lunches and snacks for work - take care to bring snacks for both morning and afternoon to avoid the crashes I've been experiencing.
  • Keep my calories in check - no more using up the deficit to the degree I have been
  • Two midweek runs - likely run commutes.  It was do-able this past week, so I am sure I can manage it again.
  • Three bike sessions - Gossip Girl's been pretty riveting as I near the end of season one, so this shouldn't be too hard
  • at least 3 yoga sessions - gotta get those muscles to where they should be

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