Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smart Runner Clinic

With marathon training looming in the all-too-near future, and a nagging knee issue (seems to be super tight calf, quad and hamstring issue), I realized today that I have been hemming and hawwing a bit too long about signing up for this running clinic.  So - today I registered.

On May 21, I will spend the morning at Mount Royal University, attending the Smart Runner clinic.  It is my hope that it will help me prepare for the training I have ahead of me and the information will keep me injury-free this year!

Here's the description from the registration site:
Kick your running season off right this year!  Join sport specialist Dr. Dale Macdonald, physiotherapist Andrea Kosa, running gurus Dr. Meaghan McCollum and Jeremy Deere and Olympic trainer Adam Wood for this 4 hour intensive workshop designed to help you run smarter, faster and with less risk of injury.

We review all the latest peer-reviewed research from the global running community and present it in a way that's fun, easy to understand and immediately applicable to your own running.

It doesn't come cheap ($79) but I think it's a good value considering each participant takes home a foam roller and DVD valued at $65.  I've been wanting to pick up a roller anyway - maybe this way I'll learn how to use it properly too!

If anyone in the Calgary area is interested, here's the website:

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