Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Push to Publish

As you may recall, last November I wrote my first novel as a part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Finally getting the book out of my head and into my computer was such an amazing and liberating experience. When March (National Novel Editing Month or NaNoEdMo) rolled around, I was so excited to begin editing it - polishing to perfection was my goal so I could take advantage of my NaNo "Winner Goodies" and get a free proof copy printed for my bookcase by CreateSpace.  Of course, that was when tragedy struck...the flu and then a nasty, never ending chest cold hit our house hard on the second of March.  

Suddenly that precious editing time was eaten up by laundry loads and doctor appointments.  Before I knew it, the end of the month had arrived.  NaNoEdMo was over and I was in Mexico for two weeks without my laptop. Then I had a scant two weeks to finish preparing everything for my return to work.   It was beginning to look like I was going to miss the boat and my novel was not going to be sitting on my bookcase anytime soon.

What I needed was a kick in the pants and I think the June 30th CreateSpace deadline might be just the thing to get me going.  I can't send in the manuscript as-is...I had made some dramatic changes at around the halfway point that would only confuse a reader.  It NEEDS editing.  

So now, I have the push.   If I am going to realize my goal of editing and printing then I need to dedicate myself to it.  Right now I have over a month and a half to do it.  If I can do a chapter every couple of days - I should finish in time to submit before the deadline! I hope.   To get the ball rolling, I set up my CreateSpace account and started to enter the information about the book. One of the steps created my ISBN so now it feels alarmingly real.  Tonight, I am going to pick up my editing where I left off on March 2nd and get 'er done.

Wish me luck...and send me a few more hours for each day, if you happen to see any kicking around...

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