Monday, May 16, 2011

MOMday - Separation Anxiety

Last week was rough.  Possibly made moreso by the first week going so well.  The first week at the dayhome breezed by without issue.  The twinners seemed to adjust remarkably well to the new daycare situation and it made mommy's first week back to work go very smoothly.  If anything, their leaping into Shaw-Shaw's (the dayhome lady, according to the twinners) arms and shouting "Bye" to get us out of the door we almost insulting to the first 2 years of their lives when we were at home together.

Bring on week 2.  And separation anxiety.

Monday, we arrived at the dayhome and Doodle just clung to me as we walked to the house.  When I pointed her at Shaw-Shaw, her eyes got huge and she started to melt down.   Leaping back into my arms, she looked like she would plead with me to take her with me, if only she had the vocabulary to do so.  Tears ensued for Doodle and momma had to dump and run.   So distressing.  

Tuesday was the same - though she literally flung herself into my arms from the top of the kitchen stairs and desperately grabbed for her jacket on the hook behind me.  Finally Shaw-Shaw grabbed her and beckoned for us to leave quickly.  By the time the door shut behind us, I had tears in my eyes too...

Wednesday, it was looking up...she didn't scream this time, but she looked so sad as we turned to leave.  Thursday was the same.

Friday, she finally climbed the stairs to Shaw-Shaw and gave her a hug.  There was no chorus of "Bye", but there were no signs of meltdown either.   It seemed the worst of her anxiety was over and she was ready to have fun again.

With our second weekend upon us, we looked forward to some Functional Family S#*t and all that stuff.  In lacking weekday contact, our weekends have become far more precious to us.  I want to get out and do things together - to remind the girls that even though I'm not with them 24/7 anymore, I still love them more than life itself and want to spend every possible minute I can with them.

So, now it's Monday again...I really hope we aren't about to start all over again on the anxiety front.  Soon, she'll need to realize that this is her life now and she is allowed to be excited about it.


  1. Aww, separation anxiety is the worst! But then my babysitter would always tell me once I left they were just fine. I think it is harder on us than it is on them. My sis left me her kids one day and her son (then 1) cried and cried as she left, once she was out of sight he kind of shrugged his shoulders and was happy again. After that I didn't worry about my kids as much when I left them and they were crying.

  2. That is actually really reassuring to me. Thanks :)


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