Monday, May 9, 2011

MOMday - The Best Parts

Yesterday was my second Mother's Day.  It was also the second time I ran the Mother's Day Run and Walk 5K.  Since I'm not really on the ball today and haven't prepared a MOMday, I thought I'd share my Mother's Day highlights
  • Ran the most fun 5K ever - dodging walkers and pushing my twins through the thousands of participants!
  • Having so many of my wonderful friends join our Mothers Day team - it was amazing to spend the morning with friends
  • My twins slept the entire race!  This was HUGE!  Last year, they wailed the entire time for hubby
  • Holding my daughters hand for her first kids race
  • Hubby gave me a gift certificate to Kobo so I got to frivolously shop for eBooks
  • This might not seem like a highlight - but I got ALL of the laundry done so I won't need to do any throughout the week!! YAY!
  • This one's the best part - no changing poopy diapers ALL DAY!!! (hubby did it - we didn't make them wallow in poo)
  • Capped it off with a full night's sleep - exactly the thing I needed most!
That was my mother's day!  How was yours?  Did you get the royal treatment?

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