Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Joy of Stress!

Every now and then I'll do one of those online "stress rating" questionnaires for fun..well, maybe fun is a strong word.  It's usually when I'm feeling a bit too stressed that I go looking for them.  This week, I'm scared to see what my score on any of them would be.

  • Saturday, I ran a race that ended up being 4K longer than it should have been
  • I started back to work in an uncertain enviroment plagued by the threat of heavy layoffs
  • The girlies started full time childcare (more stressful for me than them, apparently - they love our lady to bits)
  • We lost one of our beloved pets (RIP - Liko the Sugar Glider 2002-2011)
  • I am packing my office to move to a new building this weekend
  • We're bustling like crazy to get our annual garage sale together in time for Saturday
  • I'm team captain for our mother's day run team and am trying to get race kits out to all of my team members
  • I'm racing on Sunday while pushing 90lbs of twins and, not really racing, but running after not training with the stroller... 
  • There is more, but I'm not at liberty to mention it here quite yet...
I'm starting to feel like I'm 3 seconds away from a major meltdown and am constantly fighting to keep it together.    Ah well.  I can do anything for a set period of long as Monday next week starts on a lighter note, I'm sure I'll survive just fine.

Know what's most ridiculous about it all?  The fact that I have so much happening right now and the thing that's stressing me out the most is the fact that I am ravenously hungry CONSTANTLY and I don't have any time to workout right now.  It's so ludicrous, I just have to laugh...

I need a run...

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