Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Reads: Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11) by Charlaine Harris

Somehow the release of this one completely snuck up on me (this is happening a bit too much lately).  I'm a longtime Sookie Fan who is eagerly awaiting the fourth season of True Blood so this definitely quenched me for a little longer.

A brief synopsis:
Sookie is still Eric's human wife, though she suspects there is something he and Pam are not sharing with her. Nothing like an arranged vampire marriage to throw a kink into the works.  Victor, Felipe's regent in Louisiana, is opening bars to compete with Fangtasia and Merlotte's and this is causing professional woes for both Eric and Sam.  Add to this the fact that Sandra Pelt (Debbie's psycho sister) is out of jail and out to get her revenge on Sookie...well, it is definitely a busy week for our friend, Sook.   As always - everyone gets a little (or a lot) of blood on their hands and the struggle continues.

The past few Sookie Stackhouse books have felt rather anti-climactic.  I like to equate the feeling I get reading them to the way I feel when I am hearing an album by an artist who is trying to get out of contract commitments.  More of the same.   No real nail biting scenes.   Nothing super exciting.   It's still a good read - there's just not much to it.   It satisfies the need for another Sookie book, but it leaves me wondering how many more she is obligated to write to fulfill her contractual obligations.

In the FAQs on her website, Harris has the following:
Q. Are you finished with the Sookie Stackhouse series? When will the next book come out?
A. I am not finished with the series. I don’t know how many more books I will write about Sookie. The next one will be out in May.

I've talked to a few other people who had the same impression of the book as I it was reassuring to see that I wasn't alone in what I felt.   Really - it was enough Sookie to hold me over until HBO can fill the void.  Chances are, if you like the other books, you'll enjoy this one :)

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