Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The curse (or is it a blessing?) of Stomach Flu

There is a great (albeit sad) line in The Devil Wears Prada that goes a little something like this:

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight" (pardon my bastardizing of it...I am too sick/lazy to look up the actual quote)

Well, this week I am bringing out the truth of it. In the last 30 hours, I've lost 5 lbs. Me and the twinners are down with the stomach flu and it is a regular party in our house (*sarcasm*). Yesterday, it hit me first and then Doodle was close on my heels. My wonderful hubby, seeing how weak I was, graciously called in to tell them he was staying home to care for the babies so I could get better. A couple of hours later...Buggie got it too. He had his hands full with cleanup duty but I am soooo grateful he was here. I could hardly move all day yesterday.

Today, I have a headache, but I am mostly on the mend. The girlies were still sick overnight so I kept them home from the dayhome again. I'm hoping that by the end of the day, we'll all be as good as new.

and, as bad as it sounds, I'm hoping maybe some of that weight loss will stick :P


  1. Feel better soon! I've had a terrible cold, my asthma has kicked in, and my taste buds aren't working. So, I'm thinking I might as well make the most of this and try to lose 5lbs since everything tastes like cardboard anyway ... LOL ... wish you a speedy recovery !!

  2. Thanks. and a speedy recovery to you too. This thing seemed to be getting better yesterday, but then it came back to beat on me some more overnight. I'm trying to get into see a doctor today. I'm just glad my girlies seem relatively recovered.

    I've been looking at the bright sides too...I'm down 8lbs now LOL and I don't think I would have gotten nearly as good of a "cleanse" (sorry - TMI alert) if I'd spent $60 on a kit - just look at all the money I saved!!! and, now, I can start filling my shrunken stomach with good and healthy whole foods instead of crap. So many plus sides to stomach flu LOL.

  3. Have you finished the Jean Auel book yet? I want to know how you liked it.
    Feel better.

  4. I did finish it yesterday (finally). Honestly - I didn't enjoy it that much. I did a write up on it for this weeks Friday Reads.

  5. Keeping the weight off, would be a great present! Hope you feel better soon.



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