Friday, May 27, 2011

Calgary Marathon Expo

This weekend is beyond crazy for us, so I decided to hit the Marathon Expo after work today.   What a zoo!   The lineup was crazy when me and my girlies arrived.   I was quickly ushered up to the 5K line to pick up hubby's package.  That lineup was about 10 mins long - even though it was only 3 people deep.  Then on to the 10K line...except the lines were a mess over there...I got into a line that looked like it was for my last name...and 10 mins later, discovered that it was actually a lineup for the half that had doubled back and I had to move to the actual line.   Thank goodness for free granola bars and jugo juice samples or I don't think the girlies would have lasted.

Once I had all of our packages, we turned to head into the expo itself.  First stop the wheel of discounts at the Running Room.   I only scored 10% but that was enough to get me going.  I quickly nabbed an adjustable fuel belt and my favourite orange ginger Nuun.   The guy from Eau Claire's RR was working the booth so we had a great little chat and then I paid and was on my way.

Next stop - Bondi Band!!!  Wheeee!   Tables and boxes and bags of lovely and beautiful wicking headbands for meeeeee!   Well - I only bought 6 of them, but I had fun hunting.  I resisted the temptation to buy the cleverly worded ones and focused on prints and plains.  I did buy a grey one with a sparkly shamrock on it so I'll be good to go for St Paddy's...or just for luck any other time...

The only thing I'm regretting is not having picked up a bright yellow one to match my fancy new belt!

And now for the swag!

The race shirts are the same awesome Zorrel ones that they had for the Calgary Police 5K.   I was so excited to see that.   They put the shirt and race guide into a cheapo drawstring backpack (gawd - how many of these am I going to get this year?) and my bib for this year's race is a lovely dark purple (does that mean my medal lanyard is going to be the same lovely grapey hue?)   Unfortunately the bibs are those horrible chipped bibs, but I can deal with it for a 10K.  I feel sad for my Saturday runner girls who have to run the half with them.

Beyond that - the girls were getting fussy so we left pretty quickly.  I felt bad for the people showing up as I was leaving.  The lineup was now out in the rain and wrapping around Max Bell.   Hopefully the volunteers started finding their stride after I left and could get those lines flowing.   Up note for people going tomorrow...maybe the lines will be shorter since 90% of people apparently tried to go today!

Next up this weekend - the friendship run and meeting Coach Jenny Hadfield!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Fun shopping at the expo! Those are some great bondibands! Good luck on the 10k!


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