Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Seminar on the Calendar

In following up on all of the information that was pounded into my brain in the Smart Runner Clinic, I was googling core and functional fitness to see if I am doomed to pilates or if there is more/better exercises I can do.  Adding Calgary to the search field brought up a website I had forgotten about: Fitness Fix

I remember reading about Denise Beatty's functional fitness videos during my vidiot days a few years back and somehow never made it over to Fitter First to pick them up.   Reading about them again made me think maybe that is the answer to my core work woes.  I am looking for quicker workouts that I can tack onto the end of a bike session and her's kind of fit the bill.   Anyway - in wandering around her website, I stumbled onto the seminar page and saw this:

June Seminar: FIX Your Posture, Walk and Run Better! Learn how to correct your posture as you move, and also get your walking and running gait analyzed and corrected! Learn more about barefoot running also! Usually $300 for assessments like these!

Register Now
SEMINAR PRICE: $30 incl gst- includes video of postural changes, walking and running technique- then we go outside and practice! Package Only: $10 incl GST

Friday June 10th, 6:30-7:30 pm

Suddenly I was presented with an affordable way to improve my running and to find out more about her workouts from Denise herself!   Needless to say - I am now signed up and ready to learn more about my own running and how to improve!  Very exciting. 

This seminar is the night before Footstock so I guess I'll be doing my package pickup on race day...but I think the time crunch is worth it for the potential in this learning opportunity!  I truly can't wait!

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