Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring cleaning the yard

As part of my last week of stay at home mom-dom, I have this strong desire to get the house spring cleaned right now.   The kicker?  I HATE cleaning.  Like really, really hate cleaning.  I'm not good at it.  I don't like doing it.  I'm the queen of procrastination when it comes time to do it.   You get the idea.

So, on Monday, it was so nice out that I thought I'd get outside and clean up a winters worth of dog crap from the lawn. Our annual spring cleaning. I pulled on my galoshes, grabbed my little rake and "dustpan" thing and stood in the yard.  Looking around at a sea of dog poo. As far as the eye could see.    

Last year, we had our niece and nephew staying with us over Easter and I hired them to do the yard cleanup.  They grumbled and hubby ended up helping them, but it got done.   This year - they flat out told me "NO!" when I asked if they wanted the gig again in 2011.   So that brought me back to standing on the shore of the sea and wanting to cry.  I had no clue where to start.  Two medium-large dogs can generate a whole lotta springtime mess, lemme tellya.

It was at that moment that I decided it wasn't worth the stress.  I have enough going on in my head this week without having to stress out about something as stupid as dog poo.  I came back inside and pulled up Kijiji and typed "Pet waste removal" into the search field.  Up came an assortment of ads for different companies who would be more than happy to dive into our sea of poo.

It only took a few moments to pick a company and a quick email told me they could do it on Wednesday. Sure, it was going to cost us $150, but to clean up a quarter acre-sized yard I thought it was a steal.

Enter Pooohbusters.   They showed up in the early afternoon today to get the deed done.   The one guy surveyed the yard, looked at me, and said "Well, this actually isn't too bad at all.  Give us a half hour and your girls will good to play in their yard!"

A half hour.  A HALF HOUR!  That yard would have taken me a full day (I get interrupted by twins alot).  But it was going to take the two of them a mere half hour to do it.

They got right to work with their little trigger rakes and buckets.  True professionals.  In the end, it took about 40 mins and our yard is GORGEOUS now (well, it still needs some landscaping TLC, but it's way better than it was this morning!).  As they were finishing up, I went out on the deck and gave them a standing ovation.  They deserved it!

After talking to him, I think we will probably be hiring them for weekly service next winter.   He said they have special equipment to help them pick up poo in the snow to help people avoid a big, expensive one time spring cleaning.   I think it'll be worth it :)

I firly believe we need to shout from the rooftops about the services we recieve and these guys definitely deserve a shout-out.  So, if you are needing a spring cleaning (or you want a weekly service) - I definitely recommend these guys.  A+++  

Now to tackle the rest of our house...

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