Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Official Pics from Run for L'Arche

I received the email from while I was on vacation, but totally forgot about it until they sent me a reminder today!

So, there they are - the official pics from the half marathon.  J took such great pics during the race that I don't think I'll be buying these (hence the watermarks) but they are always fun to check out!

I almost like this one.

Thumbs up (and half of JS)

Us with our Support Crew, J!


  1. You look awesome!!!! My pics always turn out stupid looking.

  2. Great pictures!! I second Heather, my pics, suck! LOL

    I'm in the market for a Garmin, what kind do you have? suggestions?

  3. I'm sure you guys pics aren't THAT bad! I usued to hate mine, but after I ran Nike and had terrible shots to commemorate (from the official photog - not from my hubby who took wonderful shots), I figured out that hamming for the camera a bit seems to result in better pics.

    As for the Garmin - mines an oldie. Forerunner 201. You can usually find decent deals on them on ebay or Kijiji. I got mine from a lady in Edmonton for under $100 including shipping. It came in like-new condition and included the box. She had only logged 42K on it so I think maybe she picked it up just for one marathon and then never used it again. Score! We got my hubby one of the same model on Kijiji for $50.


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