Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the summer craziness begin!

I finally managed to get my full marathon training schedule onto the Google calendar today.  This meant that I could finally look at planning my summer races with some certainty.  

I managed to find an 18 week marathon plan that actually looked completely do-able.  Some of the plans out there were making me feel like I might as well just learn to do everything while running...this one made me feel like there may be life outside of marathon training (a must for a momma to two toddlers).  Once I had it on the calendar, I could see where my wishlist races fit into the picture.  Here's what that picture is looking like now (The mileage in brackets is what my schedule is calling for that weekend):
  • July 10 - Stampede Road Race half (19K ….do a slow half instead?)
  • July 17 - Lacombe 10K (14.5K on the books for that weekend so then just make up 4.5K that day)
  • Aug 21 - Edmonton half  (29K that weekend - just make up 8 more k?)
  • maybe...Aug 28 - Calgary Womens Run  5K? (21k the day before)
  • Sept 11 - Cause half in Canmore (19k - slow half instead?)
  • maybe...Sept 18 - Urban Venus 5K - slowly...if I can move at all (32k the day before)
  • Oct 9 - Okanagan Full (eek)
In a nutshell, the summer and early fall of 2011 seem to make this the year of the slow half :)  I definitely like the idea of getting medals for running my long runs for marathon training :)   

The more I look at this list, the more I think the maybe races will probably end up coming off the list.  I think I may just choose to come out to cheer on friends for those ones.  Guess we'll see.  I need to make some decisions and start registering soon, though.  Some of these have a tendency to sell out fast.

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