Thursday, April 14, 2011

It was a vacation...I Guess

Despite all of us being very sick over the two weeks we spent in Cancun, it was still a vacation and a break from all of the snow we've had all winter. I probably have a zillion different posts that will be spawned from the trip, but I figured I should pop by and let y'all know I am still alive and give a little sample of our vacay...

The Good....

Chichen Itza
Ik Kil Cenote
Isla Mujeres
El Rey and the million Iguanas
Almond Syrup still being on the menu in Mexico Starbucks...
Running (though not as much as I wanted to)
Learning one kid is practically a fish
I'm no longer transparent white...but somehow my daughters still are...
Not really gaining weight!  Yay!

The Bad...

Travelling 5000kms to attend a wedding and then not attending it
Toooo hot
Twins who shriek when they don't get their way
The food (blech)
Babies who hate sand
Almost drowning, but not really
Running in the heat
Babies who find a fully charged Garmin, turn it on and then hide it til it dies...

The Ugly....

So much sickness and snot.  Gross, I know...but it was what it was
Running in the heat with a half marathon-toasted knee.  Boo.

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