Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dayhome Trial Run

Yesterday we did a trial run at the dayhome where the girls will start going when I return to work next week.   A couple of factors went into our decision to do a trial run:

1) The girls need to see what a day away from momma is like, since they have never really had that (well - except when we went to San Fran last fall without them, but this is different). 

2) I needed to see if I would have a complete melt-down on abandoning them with a virtual stranger.

At 9am yesterday morning, I pulled up to the dayhome and unloaded 2 toddlers, a big bag of cloth diaper supplies and a diaper pail.   I sat with our dayhome lady and went over the specifics of dealing with identical twins who are vegetarian and cloth diapered.  Good thing I did, too, because she was pretty sure vegetarian meant chicken and fish were still okay!   The girls played quietly with the toys while the adults talked and then it was time for mommy to go.  The girls thought that meant them too so they were saying their goodbyes and preparing to head out with me.  It took us a few minutes, but we finally ended up getting them into the playroom so they would be distracted and I could slip away.

I didn't melt down.  (It probably helped that I had had a mini-meltdown in the car on the way into the city.  I just keep thinking that I'm abandoning them.)   I just took a deep breath and told myself it was my last chance to do some back to work preparations without toddlers around my ankles.  Kid-free shopping, here I come!

The morning was hardest on me.  I wanted to call and check on them constantly.  The lady had said I could call every 15 minutes if I wanted, but I so don't want to be THAT mom.   So I held off and headed out to buy some cute office supplies for my desk and some more clothes for work.  I steered myself away from the kids departments in all of the stores in case it set me off and concentrated just on what I needed (a novel thought).   Finally, right as I couldn't take it anymore, my phone rang.  It was the dayhome calling to update me.

The girlies were doing fine.  They played well, ate well and were now sleeping well.   Such a relief.   I had visions of tantrums and dog kicking and being asked at the end of the day to not bring them back!  My fears were laid to rest.  My babies appeared to be doing just fine without me.

For the rest of the afternoon, I tied up loose ends and shopped to my hearts content.   I enjoyed a leisurely lunch and read my book in a cafe.  It was like a great escape!  

At 4:30, I headed over to pick them up and it was like they barely noticed I was there!  Sure, Buggie flashed the biggest grin at me and tried to get across the room.  Doodle just pointed to the dogs and went to play with them.  

All in all - the trial run was a HUGE success.  For us all.  My girlies have a house full of new friends and animals to play in and I proved to myself that everything is going to be just fine.   And our dayhome lady? She assured me she can tell them apart just fine and that the cloth diapers are a piece of cake.  

Let's hope this isn't a case of "perfect dress rehearsal, disastrous show"...guess we'll see next week when it all goes into full time production.

Friday Reads: Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal

Continuity, people.  It's all about the continuity.

I'm going to be quite upfront about this...I didn't care for this one.  I bought it solely as a guilty pleasure.  As an "I wonder what's happened in their little fictional lives since I was 14" kind of way.  I didn't have high expectations for it - I just wanted something to read on vacation.

This is two hours of reading I won't get back :(

Ok - here's the synopsis in point form for y'all:
  • Elizabeth and Jessica are no longer speaking
  • Elizabeth ran away to New York
  • Todd Wilkins and Jessica are engaged
Ok - can you tell how the story plays out yet? I'm normally not one for giving major spoilers but this book pretty much writes itself based on those few points.   Todd cheated on Elizabeth with Jessica and, when Elizabeth found out years later, she ran away to work in New york and be as far away from California as possible without leaving US soil.

As Jessica's wedding date approaches, she wants to know her twin will be there.   Enter the journey to healing...

Oh, and it ends with Elizabeth in Bruce Patman's arms. 

Sorry if I ruined it for you.  I didn't tell everything.  There's still the journey to how all of this came about in case you want to read it.  The story itself, while predictable, wasn't horrible.   It was the continuity errors throughout the book that had my hackles up.   First Pascal talks about how Jessica had one marriage and it was annulled.  Then, a few chapters later, she refers to her upcoming marriage to Todd as being her third.   That is just one example, but the book was sprinkled with similar instances.   In the acknowledgements, Pascal credits her daughter with helping her decode the new technologies that are available, but to anyone familiar with the technologies it is apparent that she didn't take the time to check them out herself so she could write about them convincingly.   Overall, it had the feel of a book that was written to either fulfill a contractual obligation or to try to make one last buck on nostalgia.  Good for her.  I paid the money so I can't really say it didn't work out for her.

Perhaps I was a more forgiving pre-teen.  Maybe all of the Sweet Valley books were like that and I just skimmed over them in search of the next sweet kiss between whomever and her latest crush.   Maybe I'm being unjustly harsh.  Maybe, instead of marketing the book to adults who loved the series 20 years ago, they should have marketed it to teenagers who are still enjoying it.   To a group who could overlook these discrepancies and just see the story.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring cleaning the yard

As part of my last week of stay at home mom-dom, I have this strong desire to get the house spring cleaned right now.   The kicker?  I HATE cleaning.  Like really, really hate cleaning.  I'm not good at it.  I don't like doing it.  I'm the queen of procrastination when it comes time to do it.   You get the idea.

So, on Monday, it was so nice out that I thought I'd get outside and clean up a winters worth of dog crap from the lawn. Our annual spring cleaning. I pulled on my galoshes, grabbed my little rake and "dustpan" thing and stood in the yard.  Looking around at a sea of dog poo. As far as the eye could see.    

Last year, we had our niece and nephew staying with us over Easter and I hired them to do the yard cleanup.  They grumbled and hubby ended up helping them, but it got done.   This year - they flat out told me "NO!" when I asked if they wanted the gig again in 2011.   So that brought me back to standing on the shore of the sea and wanting to cry.  I had no clue where to start.  Two medium-large dogs can generate a whole lotta springtime mess, lemme tellya.

It was at that moment that I decided it wasn't worth the stress.  I have enough going on in my head this week without having to stress out about something as stupid as dog poo.  I came back inside and pulled up Kijiji and typed "Pet waste removal" into the search field.  Up came an assortment of ads for different companies who would be more than happy to dive into our sea of poo.

It only took a few moments to pick a company and a quick email told me they could do it on Wednesday. Sure, it was going to cost us $150, but to clean up a quarter acre-sized yard I thought it was a steal.

Enter Pooohbusters.   They showed up in the early afternoon today to get the deed done.   The one guy surveyed the yard, looked at me, and said "Well, this actually isn't too bad at all.  Give us a half hour and your girls will good to play in their yard!"

A half hour.  A HALF HOUR!  That yard would have taken me a full day (I get interrupted by twins alot).  But it was going to take the two of them a mere half hour to do it.

They got right to work with their little trigger rakes and buckets.  True professionals.  In the end, it took about 40 mins and our yard is GORGEOUS now (well, it still needs some landscaping TLC, but it's way better than it was this morning!).  As they were finishing up, I went out on the deck and gave them a standing ovation.  They deserved it!

After talking to him, I think we will probably be hiring them for weekly service next winter.   He said they have special equipment to help them pick up poo in the snow to help people avoid a big, expensive one time spring cleaning.   I think it'll be worth it :)

I firly believe we need to shout from the rooftops about the services we recieve and these guys definitely deserve a shout-out.  So, if you are needing a spring cleaning (or you want a weekly service) - I definitely recommend these guys.  A+++  

Now to tackle the rest of our house...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the summer craziness begin!

I finally managed to get my full marathon training schedule onto the Google calendar today.  This meant that I could finally look at planning my summer races with some certainty.  

I managed to find an 18 week marathon plan that actually looked completely do-able.  Some of the plans out there were making me feel like I might as well just learn to do everything while running...this one made me feel like there may be life outside of marathon training (a must for a momma to two toddlers).  Once I had it on the calendar, I could see where my wishlist races fit into the picture.  Here's what that picture is looking like now (The mileage in brackets is what my schedule is calling for that weekend):
  • July 10 - Stampede Road Race half (19K ….do a slow half instead?)
  • July 17 - Lacombe 10K (14.5K on the books for that weekend so then just make up 4.5K that day)
  • Aug 21 - Edmonton half  (29K that weekend - just make up 8 more k?)
  • maybe...Aug 28 - Calgary Womens Run  5K? (21k the day before)
  • Sept 11 - Cause half in Canmore (19k - slow half instead?)
  • maybe...Sept 18 - Urban Venus 5K - slowly...if I can move at all (32k the day before)
  • Oct 9 - Okanagan Full (eek)
In a nutshell, the summer and early fall of 2011 seem to make this the year of the slow half :)  I definitely like the idea of getting medals for running my long runs for marathon training :)   

The more I look at this list, the more I think the maybe races will probably end up coming off the list.  I think I may just choose to come out to cheer on friends for those ones.  Guess we'll see.  I need to make some decisions and start registering soon, though.  Some of these have a tendency to sell out fast.

Techy Tuesday: M-Edge eReader Cover and Light

Ok - it's not technology, per se...but it is accessories for my favourite little piece of technology.  Meet the new cover and reading light for my Sony Reader!

A few years ago, I lucked out on Stephen Avenue one noon hour and got $60 in free gift cards to the Sony Store.  With that windfall, I treated myself to something Sony had just released - their lighted cover for the PRS-505.  It was a black cover with a built in reading light.  The light was actually several LED lights built into the edge of a lucite panel that fit over the reader screen.  It worked.  It lit the book enough for reading on the commuter bus at 6am.  The biggest problem I had with it was that I kept opening the cover the wrong way and the lucite would scrape across the screen...causing scratches on the panel AND on the edge of the reader screen.   After using it for a year, I abandoned it and went back to the stock cover the reader came with.

Since then, I've wandered by the M-Edge website a few times.   I've drooled over their super pretty and seemingly functional covers, but have always hesitated to buy one because my covers were in excellent shape still.   Last week, I decided to take the leap.   I am going to be riding the bus again soon and I wanted something that would protect the reader AND allow me to use a booklight without damaging the cover.   After watching the YouTube videos for them and figuring out what would work best for me - I bought myself the Executive Jacket (in a beautiful purple colour) and the e-Luminator booklight.  

M-Edge doesn't have jackets for the PRS-505, specifically, but the PRS-600 is the same dimensions and the website states that the covers will fit a 505.  

As soon as I saw the FedEx website telling me that the cover would arrive yesterday, I was all a-twitter.  In fact, when I went to get the mail and saw the fedex truck turn up our street, I ran all the way home so I wouldn't miss them!  The verdict?  Well - this is one GORGEOUS cover.   And the light's not too shabby either.  Shipping is lightning fast, too, btw.  I ordered it Wednesday night, it shipped Thursday and then arrived early afternoon on Monday after the long weekend.  Had Friday not been Good Friday, I think I would have had it then!

Knowing that you, my bloggy friends, would want to see it all - I took my camera through every step of the unboxing so you can see what you will get!

So - from the moment I took the FedEx wrapping off...
The packing box...

First glimpse

Ohhh - the booklight.  It was at this point, where I noticed it was for the Kindle/Nook.  Further investigation proved it was a one size fits *not quite* all

Gotta get the wrapping off and see this beauty!

When I first shed the plastic wrapping, my breath was taken away by how pretty this cover is.  It is truly a striking accessory.   Slipping my reader into it made me feel like I was showing my love in a way only an ebook reader would understand :P  The cover is leather.  I don't usually buy leather goods unless it is a product that I absolutely demand durability in (shoes, belts...)  - I think my reader cover qualifies...

Ohhhh - pretty!

Understated branding on the back

Inside the cover - room for documents and SD cards

I don't know that I will ever use the pockets in the front of the cover, but it is nice to know that they are there if I ever need them.  After all - my reader only holds a couple hundred books...the day may come that I need to use those SD and Memory Stick slots!

Pocket for the booklight

One of the most clever aspects to the design is how they custom designed a pocket to hold the clip for the book light.  Just slide it in and the light folds down in the spine for storage when the cover is closed.

Inserting the booklight

The booklight, while made by M-Edge to fit their covers, is designed in such a way that it can be used with traditional paper books as well.

Such a clever design - the touch button on top has 3 settings

There is a pen look on the cover, but if the light is being stored in the cover, you wouldn't be able to use it, as it is positioned in the spine of the cover.

One AAA battery is supposed to give 20 hours of light at the medium setting

A battery wasn't included, but we have tons of rechargables so I will always have one at the ready.  I haven't tested the light long enough yet, but the website says that it will power down automatically after an hour of non-use (it will apparently blink first)

The only drawback to the cover is the strap covers part of the on/off switch.  It's still usable but not as much as without.

The cover is listed for the PRS-600, but my PRS-505 fits snugly in those straps.  The thing I think I will like most about this cover (over the Sony stock cover) is that there is no way to open the book backwards or upside down...the book is firmly attached to one side of the cover.  The straps on the top are elasticized - you just set the reader into the static straps on the bottom and then pull the top straps over to secure the reader.

Full access to all ports
The cover is thicker than I am used to but it is not uncomfortable to hold.   If anything, just having the book in my hands makes me want to curl up and read (though that isn't an unusual phenomenon when I am holding my Sony)

The nub on the bottom is the lamp head sticking out because it's a tad too long.

Size comparison to Sony stock cover

Thickness comparison to Sony stock cover
My initial impressions are very favourable.  I love this cover.  I can't wait to start hauling it around and start showing it off.   I am still very happy with how much it cost (the cover was only $35 - MUCH cheaper than Sony's offerings for this model).  The booklight, at $20, was about average for a booklight.   You can purchase this style of cover for any of the ebook readers they list on their site - include for iPad.

So far, highly recommended.  Now that I've held one of their covers in my hands, I am wanting to order some of the other styles as

Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting back at it...

Ok - it's been kind of a scatterbrained month on the blog front, but this week I am attempting to get back on track with my blogging and with finishing up a series on cloth diapering for Kids in Cowtown.  Stay tuned for my usual features again...since I am planning to start getting myself used to getting up by 4:30am again - this week I should have no "I'm short on time" excuses to bat around!

MOMday - Last Week as a SAHM

A week from today, I return to work.   When I gave my notice almost 2 months ago,  I never imagined time could pass so quickly.  Now I am suddenly standing on the edge and it is starting to really hit me.

I have had an amazing two years at home with my little midges. I've seen every first and celebrated everything they have done so far.  In one short week, I have to pass the torch on to someone else.  Someone else who will hear the new words first.  Someone else who will do the little celebratory dancing.  Someone else who will be raising my daughters during the day while I am back at work.   Every now and then, it hits me HARD when I realize how much I will miss.  But then I think about the things I'm not going to miss so much when I'm sharing the load with someone else.  Things like when Buggie (formerly Goober - her sister renamed her) shrieks at the top of her lungs to get her own way.  Or explaining for the four trillionth time that "No - that isn't Poooooooo, it's pee" at diaper change time.   Also - part of me is secretly thrilled that someone with more experience can handle the majority of the potty training.   It's not that I don't want to be the one to raise my kids, but adding to my support system will be great.

To get Doodle and Buggie ready for their new life in the dayhome, I arrange to have a trial run this week.  It's not going to be exactly like life will be starting next week, but it will give them and our dayhome lady a kick start on getting to know each other and will give me some peace of mind in giving us time to work the kinks out.   I feel for our lady.  She has the vegetarian, cloth diapered, identical twin train about to descend on her.  I hope she's ready for it! 

Now for the preparations.  Next week, our mornings are going to start ridiculously early.   I need to start work around 8am which means we need to drop the kids off around 7am.  For two toddlers who are used to sleeping until 9:30 most days, it is going to be a shock to the system.   This is going to require us to be super prepared with the morning routine.   They will eat breakfast at the dayhome, so we only need to give them a quick snack in the morning to carry them over.  The biggest time suck, though, is dressing them.   Trying to get two toddlers dressed and ready to go on a timeline is tricky.   To help with this, I pulled out some hanging shelves we had in the garage sale box.  I figure I can spend 10 minutes on Sunday filling each shelf with their outfits for the week.  That way - we just need to grab, get it on them and go!  No hunting for missing socks or trying to match shirts and pants before the sun come up.  Suddenly one of my biggest time management stresses isn't so stressful any more!

Hmmm, maybe I should be doing this for my own outfits's been a while since I had to be showered and made up and dressed properly in the morning!

Another thing I need to do this week is start batch cooking a few things to make dinners easier on us during the week.  I figure if we can have something waiting to be reheated or thrown into the oven or scooped out of a crockpot, then we will be able to enjoy our shortened family time on weeknights.

To all of the other moms who've returned to work already, maybe this stuff seems like nothing, but I am big on being prepared.  I can roll with the big stuff - it's the little things I tend to stumble on.   If I can just have my morning and evening routines planned out - then I know I can handle the stuff that lands in the middle...I hope.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly update: Back on track

Okay, okay - I know it's hard to call it a "weekly" update when I have been pretty much missing in action for the past month.   In a nutshell - it was all recovering and vacation that you missed.   I'm going to try to be better now that I'm back and in full-on training for my next half!

I'm really grateful for the base training I put in to prepare for Run for L'Arche.  It has let me feel better about taking extra recovery time to let my knee heal.  It is still causing a few issues but nothing too bad.  I am just not taking any chances with it when I feel it "twinge" because I want to have a good training season as I prepare for my first marathon this fall.  Better safe than sorry.  Most of the issue seems to be muscle-related as it feels much better when I stretch my legs really well.  I just need to be better with my stretching.  Something to work on.

Today when I stepped on the scale, I was so happy to see that I am now in the 150s!!!!  Barely, but the middle number is a 5 so I'll take it!   I was so good all week with my workouts (not so much with the eating, unfortunately, but it'll come).   5 days on the bike and a 15K run (well, a 10k run, 5k walk - at least we got in the miles, right?)  Now that the sidewalks and roadsides in Langdon are all melted, I will be trying to get my weekday runs going again next week.   I'm back on Daily Mile so I have this strong urge to get my weekly miles racking up again lol.

In just over a week, I'm returning to work (eek) and I will have the added challenge of fitting in my workouts with a full work schedule.  I am quite scared about how I'll do this, but my workouts are important to me so I will make it work.  Even if it means hopping on the bike in the evenings or getting up at 4am to get 'er done.  I have a feeling I'll be getting my weekday runs in by running to the dayhome after work and having hubby pick me and the kids up there.   But, whatever will be will be...time will only tell how these things work out.

For the next week, I am going to put a couple of goals onto my plate:

1) get my eating back on track.  My workouts are the only reason I didn't gain this week...if I'd eaten that way without them, I'd be back on track to porky again :P

2) Try to map out a workout plan for when I'm back at work.   Failure to plan is planning to fail.

3) Get my marathon training schedule onto the calendar!!!!  Technically, I am underway here.

And now, to leave you with a great running quote (though it probably wasn't meant as a running quote!)  It just rings so true for the endurance runner.   I plan to turn it into a training mantra as my marathon training ramps up.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle - Author Unknown

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Official Pics from Run for L'Arche

I received the email from while I was on vacation, but totally forgot about it until they sent me a reminder today!

So, there they are - the official pics from the half marathon.  J took such great pics during the race that I don't think I'll be buying these (hence the watermarks) but they are always fun to check out!

I almost like this one.

Thumbs up (and half of JS)

Us with our Support Crew, J!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race Report: Calgary Police 5K Run and Walk

If there was a mantra for today it would be: Snowy, Snowy, Trudge, Trudge, Cough

Yep - I'm still sick.  I've been trying hard to kick it and sometimes I feel like I'm on the mend but, up until last night, I wasn't entirely sure I was even going to be in any condition to run the 5K today.  In the end, an early wake up and the lure of a medal got me out of bed and into the city for this fun run.

There had been several inches of snow that accumulated overnight and the roads were incredibly icy to drive on so I didn't have high hopes for good course conditions.  If anything, I was grateful that I was only doing the 5K and was feeling pretty sad for the runners in the half.

The gameplan for the race was to run when I could, go as slow as felt ok and to walk when I needed to.  No time goal.  No watching my pace.  Just have fun.

I picked up J at around a quarter to eight and we spent a good 20 minutes driving (skidding) around the Mount Royal University parking lot in search of a spot.   Finally, we were parked and trudging through the deep snow to get into the building so we could hurry along to meet up with JS and her hubby. 

(I have a pre-race photo on my phone but bluetooth isn't cooperating so I'll need to add it later)

A few minutes later, we were filing out to the start line and it was time to go.   JS was running at 5:1s with her hubby and J and I were just going to do whatever.  The snow was soft and hard to run in along the road.  Several jokes were passed around about my having excellent training from running on the beach in Cancun (though I never did - that would be an injury waiting to happen) - and the conditions today were just like running in that sand would have been.   It was snowing and instead of watching my garmin, I found my eyes glues to the ground to make sure that I kept my footing.   It's funny, but through all of our cold COLD winter of training, my feet never got as cold as they did today.  I think they got wet from trudging through the deepish snow in the parking lot.  I just couldn't get them to feel warm at all, but my upper body was SWELTERING!  

Five minutes into the race, JS and her hubby took their first walk break, but J and I pressed on.  I was starting to get a pretty good cramp, but I kept going.  At 10 minutes, though, my lungs and side were screaming to walk, so we did for a minute then got going again.   After that - we walked whenever my lungs felt they needed it. 

The course took us out of the University and up 50th avenue.  Over Crowchild to just before the Glenmore Athletic Park where we turned around and headed back on the same route.   The hill up to the overpass on Crowchild nearly killed me each time (though it wasn't a terrible hill and on a dry, non-sick day, it would have been a breeze).   J was a saint to walk with me through all of my needed breaks.   It's great to have a runner girl who will do that for you!  Thanks, J - I owe you one (well, more like a million)!

Just after we turned around, we passed Dawn (The Pink Chick).  I shouted out a little cheer to her, but I'm not sure she knew who I was!

In the end, we crossed the finish line at around 36 mins.  I was going to lie and say this was my 28 min 5K, but I figured you'd all call me on it!   Mr. JS caught us just after we crossed the finish line:

And the medal whore in me is happy to proclaim that there is some shiny new bling on the medal rack this afternoon:

As for the race swag...the bib was nothing to write home about.  Printed on plain printer paper - I'm amazed it survived the wet snow today!   The shirt, on the other hand, totally awesome!  Best race shirt to date!  Super soft, navy and completely non-ugly!  The picture doesn't show it well, but it it the skyline of Calgary from the race logo.

So that was the Calgary Police 5K Run.  Not a bad little race.  I wish it was chip timed, but overall it was definitely worth a run in the snow for another medal (next year I hope the weatherman is nicer, though)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Reads: Room by Emma Donoghue

When I left for vacation, I didn’t have this one with me. I didn’t even have it on my “intend to read” list anywhere.  One of our travelling companions happened to be reading it and I recognized it from the best seller shelf.  I happened to ask if it was good and my friend gushed about it.  Later that evening, there was a knock on my room door and she was there with the book.  “Do you want to read it?” she asked, “It’s a really fast read and soooo good”   I said sure and promised to read it fast for her because it was a library book for a library in a different province.
This was two days well spent, reading on my balcony while babies napped!
Room is the story of Jack and his mom, told from the perspective of 5 year old Jack.  Eight years earlier, his mother had been snatched from the street near her college and had since been kept in an 11 x 11 foot soundproofed cell, “room”, in the backyard of her captor, where he repeatedly used her for his own pleasure.  Jack is her second child with this monster, the first having died in childbirth.
Room is the only world Jack knows.  He has a TV and thinks that everything outside of Room is “outer space” and not real.  His mother has taken great pains to protect him from their captor – completely isolating him from the man by never letting them see each other.  She has also worked hard to teach Jack how to read and care for himself. He does not know that they are prisoners…he just knows that this is his world.
The day after Jack’s 5th birthday, his mother tells him the truth of their situation…and formulates an escape plan for them.   Jack doesn’t want to leave Room but he wants to please his mother – whom he loves more than anything else – so he goes along with it.  First, they feign serious illness to try to get him out of the room and to a doctor so he can run away.   When the captor refuses, phase two of the plan comes into play and Jack “dies”.  The mother screams at the captor and tells him exactly how she needs the “body” (wrapped in a rug) to be disposed of.  The captor loads Jack into the bed of his truck and drives off.  It takes 3 stoplights for Jack to wriggle from the rug, but within moments, he is out of the bed of the truck and running to the first people he sees to reveal his story.  The captor tries to snatch him back, but Jack finds his voice just in time to cause the man to bolt.
The police quickly rescue the mother and then the long journey to rehabilitating them to the outside world begins.   The mother is overjoyed to be free and, many times, fails to see how the outside world is affecting her little boy.  Bit by bit, the reader sees Jack struggling to acclimate to his new surroundings.  What he wants more than anything is the protection of “Room” and to have his mother back to himself.   Seeing how Jack learns about his new world, through his young eyes, is an incredible journey.   Just when you start to believe that Jack may be forever scarred, the book wraps and leaves the reader knowing that everything will be just time.
When I finished reading Room, I knew it was a book I needed.   It is so brilliant and stunning that it sucked me right in.  I haven’t been this drawn in since I read Time Travellers Wife, so I was long overdue for that kind of engagement with a book.  Reading this book was definitely a highlight of my vacation. 
Highly recommended.  HIGHLY recommended.
Just read it.  Now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It was a vacation...I Guess

Despite all of us being very sick over the two weeks we spent in Cancun, it was still a vacation and a break from all of the snow we've had all winter. I probably have a zillion different posts that will be spawned from the trip, but I figured I should pop by and let y'all know I am still alive and give a little sample of our vacay...

The Good....

Chichen Itza
Ik Kil Cenote
Isla Mujeres
El Rey and the million Iguanas
Almond Syrup still being on the menu in Mexico Starbucks...
Running (though not as much as I wanted to)
Learning one kid is practically a fish
I'm no longer transparent white...but somehow my daughters still are...
Not really gaining weight!  Yay!

The Bad...

Travelling 5000kms to attend a wedding and then not attending it
Toooo hot
Twins who shriek when they don't get their way
The food (blech)
Babies who hate sand
Almost drowning, but not really
Running in the heat
Babies who find a fully charged Garmin, turn it on and then hide it til it dies...

The Ugly....

So much sickness and snot.  Gross, I know...but it was what it was
Running in the heat with a half marathon-toasted knee.  Boo.