Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly check in

Sorry for the really bad week of blogging this week.  Super crazy around here and I was feeling so run down that I couldn't bring myself to finish the posts I had started...I'll try to be better next week...

I am happy to report that as of this week...I only have 10 lbs to go!  The end is in sight.  The light at the end of the tunnel is almost blinding me!  I lost another 2lbs this week!

I am super duper duper surprised about it, though.  This week was one of my worst for working out.  I've been up almost every night with babies who are wailing like they are being murdered (they aren't - I checked).  I'm suspecting 2 year molar fun is starting so YAY!  we have a fun road ahead.  I hope they cut all 8 in a single week so I can just sleep again.  The last two nights, there has been a baby crying from 1am to 8am...different babies each night.  It's so hard being a mom sometimes.   Then, to top it all off, yesterday a sneaky little sore throat started in on me.  I haven't had a cold get past this stage is over 2 years, thanks to my magic multivitamins (cheapo prenatals from Costco...they are magic I tellya).

It is my hope that I can kill this in a couple of days because...dun dun dun...I have a half marathon in exactly a week.   Today, I had 10K on the old training plan and between my crappy yuckiness and the skating rink nature of the path...we did a whopping 3.58K!  Impressive - I know! 

As for 30 Day Shred...well, it is hurting my knees to do it every day.   I think it is definitely overkill.   I didn't do it at all this week, but I think I am going to add it in every other day or even just twice a week at the least.  I like the routine.  It's very efficient.  It just needs to be done a bit differently than is implied in the title.

As of today, I also officially have my work wardrobe in place!  Thanks to some impressive deals with the Gap Give & Get - I outfitted myself for back to work and, according to the receipts, saved myself about $300 doing so!   I normally really HATE clothes shopping.  Trying to fit super long legs and arms is really hard.  Plus - I usually come home hating the sizes I have to buy.  Well, this shopping trip was a whole different story.  I didn't need to buy long sleeved stuff since I am going back just in time for late Spring so I bought a lot of short sleeves and skirts :)   What flabbergasted me about the whole excursion is how teeny I feel!  I was taking larges into the change rooms and quickly exchanging them for smalls and mediums!  This mental side of weight loss is going to take some work.   I'm used to reaching for the bigger sizes to get the fit in the arms and shoulders and no longer needing that is hard to wrap my brain around.  I'm sure I'll adjust quickly but this initial stage is tougher than I ever expected. LOL.

So, what's on the plan for this week?
  1. Get over this freakin' cold.   and fast.  I can't afford to have it linger.
  2. Make a better effort to get on the bike or get in some sort of movement everyday!
  3. 30 Day Shred a couple of times
  4. HYDRATE!  Get that water into my body. This will be hard because I have a busy week of meetings and appointments, but it is super important.
  5. Carbs.  Need to get my body fueled for this half.  Saturday will be here in no time.  Eat really well!
 Have a good rest of the weekend, y'all. 

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