Friday, March 25, 2011

Run for L'Arche: The SWAG!

I picked up my race package yesterday for the half I am running tomorrow.   When they handed me the tote bag, I was a little surprised at the HEFT of it.  All I was expecting was a shirt and a bib.

 In addition to the tech shirt and bib, the bag contained all kinds of goodies (almost all emblazoned with the sponsor logos)
  • reusable tote bag
  • waterbottle
  • bottle of water (oops - drank it and forgot to include it in the pic)
  • silicone bracelet
  • lip balm
  • clif bar (mmm, maple nut - can't wait to try this one)
  • copy of Impact magazines Running Issue (already had it, but it's always so good that 2 copies isn't a bad thing)
I got the shirt in a Large for the sleeve length, but it is actually a bit on the big side.  No worries - I figure I'll likely only wear it over top of other stuff so the extra room will be handy to have.  It's another white shirt unfortunately (Me and white don't have a good relationship history), but it's a nice mesh one. I'm sure it'll see lots of wear until I spill post run coffees on it too often and it is stained beyond recognition :P  

The timing chip is on the bib again.  I've taken extra pains to keep it flat but, DAMN, I hate those bib chips.

So, there you have it.  This is a new race and they are obviously pouring their hears, souls and promotional merchandise into it.   I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings when we get to the start line!  Or better yet - the finish line with a shiny new medal for my rack!

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