Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poor, sick little Doodle

It's been a trying couple of days around our house as the first real illness hit one of the twinners.   Poor little Doodle.   When we woke up yesterday morning, I started to change Goober and Doodle sat up, coughed and PUKED EVERYWHERE in her crib.   It was the first time that she had ever puked without an obvious reason.   Sure, we deal with car sickness all the time (she is her mother's child, in that manner) and, when she was an infant, we dealt with spit-up...but never a stomach bug (or whatever this is).

All day, anything that went in, came right back up.  I had her on as many fluids as possible because I didn't want her to get dehydrated.   When she got up from her nap and was still violently ill, I called Health Link Alberta.   We are so fortunate to have a resource like this available in our province.   To be able to call and have a nurse talk us through symptoms was so helpful in calming my nerves.   I had done some Googling before I called and it really only served to scare me.  The nurse I spoke with just asked me questions and reassured me that it didn't sound serious and gave me some guidance on keeping her hydrated and assessing her condition.  Most importantly, she gave me the conditions under which I would need to get her to emergency or our family doctor.

Around Midnight, the puking stopped and she slept through the rest of the night.   This morning - she was very happy to drink down her Pedialyte (2 tablespoons at a time - I wasn't taking any chances here).   She is still very weak, though, and throughout the morning her temperature climbed into a low-grade fever.  So the prescription for the day is lots of snuggles with mommy and a little bit of advil to bring that sucker down.   I'm hoping that by the end of the day, she'll be up to eating some of the yummy vegetarian Jell-o I made for her and I would love to see one of her gorgeous little smiles before she goes to sleep.

The hardest part about having twins and having only one of them be sick is that the other one doesn't understand.  Goober is really upset that Doodle won't roughhouse with her.  Yesterday, she would physically pull me away to try to get some one on one time with me.   Today, she seems to understand it a bit better.  She was bringing toys to her sister and would smooth her hair like I was.   The cutest, though, was when she brought a little doll bottle of disappearing juice and started to murmur in soothing tones.  As hard as this whole sickness is for me, I know it's really hard on Goober because it is like losing your best friend and not knowing why.   It's heartbreaking.    So, while the girlies stagger their naps today, I know I need to make an effort to snuggle and play with Goober to make up for her world being so disrupted.  Hopefully by the weekend, everything will be back to normal. luck, Goober will get this next.

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