Monday, March 21, 2011

MOMday - Behind the Scenes

As my girls explore the world around them and exercise their curiosity, I have come to the conclusion that I am getting a behind the scenes tour of almost everywhere we go.  If they are powered by their own little legs, I am usually chasing them out from all kinds of places.  I can't even begin to tell you how many backrooms I have visited in stores.  The kitchen in our local bakery? yep - been there (and, unfortunately, the girls now know that they have jujubes back there that the bakery ladies will feed to them if they visit).  Every office in our local health unit - visited.   I've also assisted Toys R Us withe replacing all of the pricetags that Goober switched on them (that was fun).  

If we are shopping and I am stupid enough to let them stretch their legs, we then get to check out what it looks like behind the counters in the stores.   You have to be really quick with that one because they are both drawn to things with buttons that light up and you could potentially screw up a stores computer system that way (not that it happened - yet - ahem)

The tricky part is that they are reaching the magical age where sitting in the stroller all day with just a couple of walk/play breaks cuts it anymore.  They know they have the power to go and they want to use it.   I find myself longing for the days where I could kill a day in the city (we only have one vehicle so I would plan my errands out that way to minimize trips) and they would sleep in the stroller at naptime and play quietly the rest of the time.   Now it is wail to get out.  Shimmy arms out of straps and try to get out.   Wail some more.   Kick up a stink if I try to put them back in after a diaper change.   Run in opposite directions as fast as they can as soon as their little feet touch the ground.   Did I mention the wailing?  

But hey - at least I'm getting to see some new stuff out there, right?

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