Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday Reads: Style on a Shoestring by Andy Paige

My wardrobe is slim pickin's on the best of days. The horrible part about being 5'9" and recently losing over 40lbs is that I officially have nothing to wear and I hate shopping for new stuff because it is so hard to get a good fit on my frame.    Since I've been on leave, I've kept to casual basics and I have lots of jeans and hoodies to get me by.  Unfortunately, my impending return to work in May has me shaking in my boots (well, not really - my boots ARE actually work appropriate).   As I am plotting out exactly what I need to build my work wardrobe, I realized I have next to nothing that will work.   Off to my personal library I went in search of my "fashion helpers" and I dusted off this little gem.

Andy Paige credits herself for being a Thrifty Diva and this book is chock full of tips and tricks to maximize your wardrobe building budget.  From how to fit yourself properly for a bra to what essentials a gal needs to work with, she fills up this relatively quick read with lots of handy helpers.   She maps out very clearly what you need to do to build a quality wardrobe that makes you look and feel fabulous!

This was the second time I have read this book and, again, I found it quite entertaining.   She does have a tendency to be a little over-enthusiastic, but that never hurt anyone.   I particularly love the shopping calendar she lays out to explain when the best times to shop for certain items are to help you maximize your budget.   It is a fun read and I definitely feel better equipped to hit the stores in a week or two to see what I can do to get myself outfitted for work again.   Best of all, Gap just announced a Give & Get campaign so I have a 30% off coupon just waiting for me to use in a couple of weekends (don't worry, I'll post the link closer to the date so you all can take advantage too).   With Andy's help - I have a shopping list ready to go and, though I might dread it, I am at least prepared to do what needs to be done.  Wish me luck!

As for recommending this book - yes.  definitely.

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