Tuesday, March 1, 2011

End of February Resolution Check In

Alright - I know February is the short month, BUT is it just me or did that go by ridiculously fast?

1) Lose 25 more pounds (hopefully before we go to Mexico so I won't scare small children on the beach in my bathing suit) 

I'm down 14lbs.  I don't think I'll hit my goal before Mexico, but if I am down to the 20 lb mark by then, I'll be happy.  It'll be nice to see the 150s again!

2) Aim for one race each month 

After my lamenting not doing the Hypo Half in February (the medal is soooo purdy), I am looking forward to my race season ramping up in March.  Two races are on the calendar, including my first half of 2011!  I've also made the decision to take on the challenge of a full marathon this fall so my summer racing schedule will be fit in around the training for that!

3) Eat less junk food and aim for good nutrition 75% of the time. (c'mon - I KNOW I won't meet 100%)


Lately I have no desire to really eat much.  I had a couple big junky breakdowns in February, but I think I'm eating really well over 75% of the time.   I've been eating far more whole grains than ever and I am feeling much better for it!

4) De-clutter our home considerably.  If we don't use it - we lose it.

Still in progress :)  The rubbermaid bins of garage sale stuff are starting to really pileup.  I need to find a new place to put them because it's almost impossible to get into my little office/studio because of them.

5) Work on my posture.   I know I will look considerably slimmer if I just improve that.


My sore neck and back tell me I need to concentrate on this more in March.

6) Be able to do pushups on my toes like a big girl.   100 Pushups will be my best friend.


I have kind of been derailed on this.  I made it to week 5 of 100 Pushups on my knees and then I just stopped.  I want to pick it up again, though.  I am starting to see and feel muscles in my arms and that motivates me.  I just really dread the whole pushup thing so maybe I need to just focus on maybe knocking out 25 pushups every other day on my knees and then gradually start adding in toe pushups.   I'll give it a go in March and see how I progress.  I don't need to do 100 pushups on my toes, but if I could do 25-30 of them, I'd be happy (and so damn proud of myself)

7) Edit my Nano Novel

Editing starts today.  I can't wait!

8) Complete at least one university course for my degree

Still not registered for one, but I will be before June!

9) Download Garmin at least once a week 

Haven't been so good at it this month, but will strive to do better.

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