Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly update: Grateful for warmer weather...

Lemme tellya - -5C is soooo much better than -28C.  Even when it is accompanied by a wind.  Ran 10K today with my Saturday runner girls.  We ran out of Glenmore Landing again and it was still a nice break to have a different location for the run.  

It is exactly one month until Run for L'Arche Half Marathon.  I DO NOT feel ready at all.  I'm hoping that my longer runs the next 2 weeks will help me feel it more.  Not that I'm going into this one with any hope other than to finish.  Registering was ultimately just to keep me motivated to train over the winter and it has certainly done that.  If I finish with a PR, so be it...if not, I'm not worried.  I'll still have a pretty new medal for on my medal rack (I call it a "rack" but really it's just some cheapo hooks I bought at Jysk)

I found it really hard to stay motivated this week.  Workouts were really hard to start and I found myself wanting to eat way more than I have been.   Luckily I had some calorie portioned snackies in the house to keep me somewhat on track.  And now that the hormones of a couple of weeks ago have left the building, I am down another 2 lbs.  That brings me to 14lbs lost total since Jan 1 (and 44lbs since I started in Jan 2010).

So, what will this week bring?   I've had a few people commenting on my weight loss this week and, while I am still 14lbs from my goal, I am pretty happy with my size these days.   I just wish it were a little more toned so I've decided to keep up the eating plan and start incorporating some strength training.   Starting Monday, I am going to give that 30 Day Shred video a try.   I don't know how much I will be able to take of Jillian Michaels, but maybe it will be enough to get me doing some strength training throughout the week (maybe I'll be able to follow through with the whole Shred program and see some awesome results...I'll never know til I start)

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