Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Latest Covet: Running Snowshoes

I've been sitting around the house, moaning and groaning about the fact that yet another freak snowstorm in Alberta derailed my weekday running plans and seriously missing my running fix (especially now that the thermometer has pulled itself back into beautiful temps).   Langdon is just not the ideal place to run in the winter.  No sidewalks in half the town, a huge stretch of highway between pathways and a (seemingly disabled? ) population that doesn't care to shovel consistently - it makes for a rather long winter and is downright dangerous when there is more than a little snow on the roads. 

We aren't in a position to buy a treadmill yet and I am not sold on the merits of the treadmill vs. getting out in the fresh air.   Today, I was mulling over my winter running conundrum and it suddenly hit me.  Snowshoes.  Running snowshoes could be the solution to my problem.  They would allow me to run on the loose snow along the side of the highway and would eliminate the issue of unshoveled walkways and paths.   They would provide traction on the ice and greater stability in the unpredictable conditions.  Plus, they just look like fun! 

So, I am officially saving.   It'll probably take me til next winter, but I am hoping to own a pair by the time the snow flies.  Maybe I'll luck out and fins a great sale or an inexpensive pair with a bit of wear on them.   Can't wait.  It has me excited about winter running and facing another winter in Langdon.

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