Monday, February 21, 2011

Long run cut short...and the weekly update

Well, Saturday morning dawned UBER COLD.  -28*C cold.   I bundled up and headed to the city for the 13K that was on the schedule.   We decided to meet at Glenmore Landing this week for a change of scenery.  The pathways were PERFECT (well, what we saw of them through our icicle-frosted eyes).  Clear and dry and completely devoid of runners (we counted 5 other crazy runners. Total.)

We decided it was likely too cold to carry water with us so we decided to go out 3.2K one way and then run back to the parking lot, where we would warm up and have some water and fuel.  Then we would head out the opposite way for 3.2K and in the end, those little round trips would add up to 13K (approx).   Well, by the time we hit the turn-around point in the one direction - we made the call that it was just too freakin' cold to do the other half.   So 6.26K it was.   I think we should add another 5K, at least to account for running in so many layers in that kind of temperature without dying :)

Lemme tellya - coffee was FANTASTIC after that.  And very much earned.  I ended up having 2! :D

As for my progress on the weight front.  I managed to lose the 2.5lbs I gained last week...and possibly another pound on top of that (I'm not sure if the extra loss was just dehydration after my run this morning so will give it a couple of days).  Ya.  Hormones.  Aren't they grand?  Hopefully that missing extra pound will stay away so I can feel good about my bad eating days last week :P  It's good to confuse your metabolism, right?

I did make up the mileage I missed on Saturday by running during my oil change this morning.  6.75K  Of course, I will still end up behind on mileage for the week overall because of Langdon's unrunable condition.  Guess it's a good thing I'm not going into that Half next month with a time goal...finishing is good enough and it certainly served as good motivation to keep running through the winter.

I'm still wearing my pedometer and still having trouble even getting to 5000 steps in a day.   We met my parents out at CrossIron Mills today and walking around the mall for 3 hours was over 3000 steps.   Makes me wish I'd worn the pedometer for my run, too.

I am trying to think of things I can do to ramp up my loss/shape my body before Mexico...I'm seriously considering trying Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  I'm not usually one for buying videos by celebrity trainers (especially ones on shows I don't even watch) but I have heard really good things about the results you can achieve with this one and it has me curious for a little experiment.  I just need to talk myself into it.  Maybe I'll start later this week.  I'll keep y'all posted.

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