Friday, February 4, 2011

If it weren't for pre-scheduled posts...

...I'd have had a pretty quiet week out in bloggy land.  

It's been a trying week around here, since we are well into the terrible twos (just a few months early IMHO) and the twins have managed to find my last nerve and have been digging their sharp little fingernails into it...ah can't last forever....right? (please reassure me....)

I've been really good at getting my workouts in, though not so great on the running front - especially after missing last weeks long run due to being half snowed in and a pinched nerve in my shoulder.  On Thursday, I finally said "eff, it - I'm outta here" and ran a lovely 8.5K loop around town (if you knew how small Langdon is, you'd know I literally mean AROUND town).   It was great.  Better tha great, actually, it gave me a chance to work through a couple of things that have been weighing on me and gave me some perspective to move forward with (not going to elaborate now because it is going to be a future post).

I've put in loads of time on my bike and doing situps and pushups for strength (today, I noticed my tricep muscles are starting to show - yay!). I've been a super good girl with my eating and *insert trumpet blare here* the scale says I am down 2 more pounds!  That was a nice little boost to my mood today!

I'm still wearing the pedometer and am still having trouble getting up to even 5000 steps in a day.   I cannot see how a house-bound Canadian SAHM could do 5000 in the winter (let alone 10,000!).   The only day I broke 10,000 was when I wore the thing on my run LOL.   That was almost 10,000 alone.   I am hoping that when the spring thaw begins and I can get out with the girlies more, then I will start to see the numbers skyrocket!  Here's hoping!

So this was me checking in for the week and keeping myself accountable.  I hope all of you out there are doing marvelously!   I'm hoping that the next week will bring more sleep with it so I can be a little more together at keeping up throughout the week :)

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