Monday, February 14, 2011

Eating Like I Used To

Yesterday, I ate like I used to...almost.  I knew it was going to be a rough day on the diet front because I had a Valentines date with hubby.   I kept telling myself that it was okay to have a free day. 

So, I had a good breakfast to start me off:

Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and raisins (under 450 calories)

Then, we dropped the babies off at my brother in law's house (yay for free babysitters!) and we went to Mr. Sub for lunch.  I had a lovely 6-inch veggie sub with extra cheese like I normally would but then I added on a bag of Old Dutch BBQ chips and a big ol' bottle of apple juice.   Zammo!  One 800 calorie lunch!

Then we headed to the theatre to see Harry Potter 7 (ya - it was the cheapo theatre, but we hadn't seen this yet and I wanted to see it in the theatre).  Since having the twins, I cannot drink ANYTHING at the movies or I miss half the show so I just got a bag of yummy Twizzlers.   I ate baout half the bag and then wrapped them up and put them into my bag.  I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE THAT IN MY OLD LIFE!

 Of course, the bag wasn't calling to me, but I decided later in the movie that I should just finish them off.   (a bag of movie theatre licorice is almost 850 calories)

After the movie, we decided to head to starbucks to get some lattes before we went to pick up the girlies.   Grande Soy Latte with Caramel syrup - around 270 calories.  

Then, we didn't feel like cooking so we ordered pizza.   Two slices of pineapple and mushroom pizza - likely close to 600 calories.   

By 8pm, I was feeling so bad about eating like I had all day that I hopped on the bike and pedaled through 2 episodes of Sliders!

The funny thing about my eating the way I used to is that I didn't even really eat like I used to.   Way back when, I would have probably had a footlong sub and a couple more theatre sized treats on my order at the movie and then devoured half the pizza and went hunting for dessert.  Oh, and there probably would have been a cookie or a scone added at Starbucks.  AND I WOULDN'T HAVE THOUGHT TWICE ABOUT ANY OF IT!  

No wonder I was fat!

Then there were the side-effects yesterday.   First - the remorse.  I felt so bad about eating the junk.   That never would have happened in the old me.

And then there was the sugar hangover.   That bag of licorice made me feel like crap.   I felt sluggy and slow.   It was terrible.  I should have just stopped when I first rolled up the bag.  Or walked over to the garbage can and tossed the rest.  

Lessons learned?  I'm definitely a changed person.   I don't feel like I deny myself anything - I am just better at being smart about my choices.   I follow my calorie budget and I am not afraid to earn my food through exercise now.   Was the lesson worth the price of admission?  Not really.   Will I do it again?  Probably not.  I like being smarter about my choices and feeling good.

Guess that's what we call a breakthrough, right?

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