Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decision Made...

I'm going to give my all and try for a full marathon this fall.

Those close to me knew that I had a deadline to decide.  February 23rd was when the registration for Melissa's Road Race opened up and my hairdresser and I had talked about doing the 22K together.   It was going to be her first "half" (I use quotes because it isn't really a half).  At the time I really wanted to do it with her to support her in this goal since her life has had some pretty big changes recently.  The nagging of my want to do a full kept popping up and I told her I was still torn.  She simply said "You have until Feb 23rd for whatever you decide.  Registration fills up quickly for Melissa's so you need to know by then"

Last night,  I emailed her to bow out of Melissa's.   I still don't know WHICH full I'll be doing, but I have four options:
  • Edmonton (late August)
  • Regina (Sept 11)
  • BMO Okanogan (Oct 9)
  • Good Life Victoria (Oct 9)
Now I'm just waiting on a wedding date being set my one of my hubby's friends so I will know what our only other solid commitment this fall is...and then I choose and register...

Wish me luck.  I'm gonna need it.  I'm likely on my own for training for this one, but it is a good mental challenge and summer is the best time to challenge myself like this!  By the time I turn 35 in November, I will be able to say "I AM A MARATHONER!!!"

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