Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review: Player One by Douglas Coupland

Where were you the day oil hit $250 a barrel?  Oh wait - it hasn't happened yet.  Just in the mind of Douglas Coupland and shared in his latest book "Player One".  In this book, the story centres around the unique experience of 4 people, each at an airport bar for a different reason and how they came together when facing what might have seemed like the end of the world the day the price of oil skyrocketed and things began to go terribly wrong.
Rick is the bartender in the lounge.   A recovering alcoholic trying to come to terms with how his life went so wrong.

Karen is at the lounge to meet an online date in the hopes that he might be Mr. Right (or Mr. Right-Now to help her cope with her loneliness)

Luke is a pastor who decided he no longer believes and, following a sour encounter with his flock, has relieved them of their renovation fund and fled.

Rachel is an impossible beauty in an expensive dress, who is physically incapable of feeling and is trying to attempt procreation to prove to her father that she is actually human.

There is also another voice in the bar that day - Player One - who oversees everything and gives some more insight into what everyone is experiencing.

Oh and let's not forget the television guru with the plastic smile, Karen's Internet date,  and the sniper on the roof.

To recap the whole story would be one spoiler after another.  Just read it.  It is too good to miss out on.  I realize I probably say this for every Coupland I read, but it is really classic Coupland.  I'm not going to say it's at his best because there is something about the fact that this is published as a CBC Massey Lecture that seems to set it apart from his other works and, I'll be honest, I haven't really looked into that.   If you're a Coupland fan, just read it.   You'll love where his mind takes you into the future.

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