Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3 check in (and race news too!)

Ok..I am blaming hormones (and the cookies my MIL brought last weekend that I ate in a day)...I am only down half a pound from last week, but I did stay on track all week.  Sunday was just a bad day.   I am not even bothering with the inches anymore, but I can happily say that my jeans are starting to get pretty loose.   happy happy day!  And I did a great 8K run today in the almost balmy warmth of Calgary in chinooky January (you think I kid, but I don' was in the pluses out there today, kids!)

Now, for something exciting...I registered for 2 more races today.  Both 5Ks but still pretty exciting.  I had decided to not register for the Calgary Police Half since I was doing a half 4 days before I leave for Mexico and this was falling 4 days after I return.  Then, I had my run today...or more specifically, the coffee following the run.  My TNT coaches hubby came by to visit and we were talking races and I mentioned that I had decided to not do the Police half, even though the promise of the medal was a strong pull (we all know what a medal whore I am)...that was when he piped up that the 5k also gets a finishers medal!  I was struck speechless for about half a second.  Then, I registered the second I got home! Methinks that shall be my April race.

Saving the most exciting race news for last...when I woke up this morning, the email from Sport Chek was in my inbox.  Registration was finally opened up for the Mother's Day Run and Walk!!!!   This is a very special race for my little family since it benefits the Calgary NICUs and my twinners spent the first 8 days of their lives in them.   Before I left for my run, I sent out the bulletin to my network of runners that I wanted to set up a team.   As soon as I had the interest of 4 other people (to make up our minimum of 6) - I signed up as the team captain for Team Wood n' Nicholls!  Woo Hoo!   I don't know how serious I'm going to get about fundraising, but if you have a few bucks to spare, it goes to a really good cause.   Donations over $20 get you a tax receipt.  No pressure, though.  It's just a bonus if I get any donations. Thank you in advance if you decide to :)

Click here for my donation site!

Hubby and I are both registered for the 5K run.  I'm going to be pushing the twinners and just taking it easy and having fun...I don't think I could comfortably push them further than 5K.  It will be hubby's first chip timed race so I am telling him to giv'er and set a PB to work at beating :)  

So, there's my big race news of the day.   I love seeing my 2011 race calendar fill up.  I think I'll definitely be able to fit in 11-12 races this year at the rate I'm going :)

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