Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 check in

Here I am - another week, another big loss :)   I lost 3.5lbs this week bringing me to a total of 8lbs lost since Jan 1 AND only 20lbs left to go.

This week I decided to test drive the Lose It App on my iPod as a means to replace my paper journal.  So far I like it and can see some success with it, but I am going to refrain from reviewing it until I have given it a month or so.  The nicest part I can see in it is that it gives me a much more portable means to track my snackies when I am on the go.  The things I would normally forget about.

I happened to be in Costco again today and saw a few super cute things in the Tuff Athletics line...One I will probably go back for - it was this super cute spring running jacket with mesh panels.   I'm torn between the lilac one and the limey green one (it's nicer than it sounds).   I also saw that they had that scoop neck tank in a GORGEOUS teal colour but they only had one and it was XL.  I found the large to be a teeny bit big on me so I need to find one in a medium methinks.   One thing I did pick up, though, was a super cute running skirt.  The tag says yoga skort but I think it's work great as a running skirt (and if not, as a super cute girl-about-town skirt.   It is a nice length - not a super mini like most of the other running skirts out there - has little shorts under it and a zippered pocket that would be perfect for an ID or maybe a gel on a run.   For $15.99 I thought it was worth it.   I bought mine in solid black, but they had several combinations of black skirt and coloured waistband and one that was a grey skirt with coral waistband.  Here's a few pics:

Cute, eh?

I ended up being on my own for my Saturday long run today, so opted to stay close to home and found an 8K (well, 8.4K) loop around most of Langdon.   The first half was pretty chilly at -22C but once I was headed for home, the sky started to clear and the wind was at my back so I felt pretty good.   I decided it might be a good day to experiment with a 15:1 min run/walk ratio since I'd like to shave a few mins off my half PR in March and I felt fine doing it this way today.  I am finding that running in the cold seems to really be helping my cardio endurance.  15:1 felt just like 10:1.  Maybe I can work my way up to 20:1 for march and aim for 30:1 in June!

And since today was the early bird cut-off for the Calgary Marathon registration, I convinced hubby to pick an event NOW so we could save money.  He's going to do the 10K with me so I guess we need to find ourselves a babysitter for that morning :)  I'm hoping the mothers day run and walk website goes live this week so we can get ourselves registered for that one too.

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