Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still enjoying the warmth...errr, if -10C can be considered warm!

I was so excited to go for another warmer run today that I ran right out the door at 6:15am without my headlamp...didn't even realize it until I was 0.5K from home so I looped around to grab it and then started out again.   Ran into the little girl mastiff puppy on the path the second try - so cute but she was very confused by the running and the lamp so I had to walk until I was past her enough to feel she wouldn't chase me (why people walk puppies off leash in the wee hours is beyond me).

I pretty much did a modified reverse of the route I ran on Tuesday. Worked out to be 6.28K.  It was just nice to be out there pounding the pavement and letting my worries fall behind me.   It's supposed to be super nice on Saturday (like close to zero) so I am really really looking forward to that!  Only 2 more days!

On a down note - it looks like the chinook is serious.  The headache that accompanies the pressure changes has hit me hard this morning.  Thank goodness the babies went right to sleep at naptime.

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