Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So much warmer...

After being sunken into a deep freeze for the past month, lemme tellya I was so happy to see the thermometer saying -11C this morning as I got up for my run.   The -22 to -26 I had been running in was getting old.   Just shedding the extra couple of layers sped me up 30 seconds/kilometer.   I had 5.5K on the schedule, but it is tough to come up with decent routes for that distance in our teeny little town.  So, when I hit the path on the homestretch I was actually happy to see 5.5 roll by and ended up just over 6K total.   I figure I've missed enough weekday runs that the extra can help me catch up my base mileage a bit.  I was also happy to see that the town is plowing all of the pathways this year.  First time in 5 winters that it's been done.

REALLY looking forward to it being even warmer as the week wears on.

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