Saturday, January 1, 2011

Race Report: Resolution Run 2010

Months ago, I signed up for the Running Room's Resolution Run as a way to keep myself motivated to run after San Fran.  A big part of the incentive to sign up was the winter running jacket that came as part of the $40 early bird signup fee.   Sure, it was an obnoxious traffic cone orange, but it was far cheaper than any of the other options out there.   After I signed up, A LOT of my TNT team mates also signed up, including my Saturday runner girls.   To top it off, hubby decided that this would be his Couch to 5K goal race as well and he and a couple coworkers signed up.  By the time we got to Eau Claire Market last night, we had a huge number of people we knew there.

Lately, I've been suffering from cold weather cramping when I run and it has made my recent runs rather miserable.  When we got home from Canmore this week, I finally remembered to Google for a cure and everything I read about cold weather cramping said it was poor hydration.  I forgot to drink my water throughout the day (why, oh why, do I always do that) but I did guzzle a big bottle on the way to the race and had a couple shot blox for fuel.  

The race started at 6pm and it was cold (like -16*C cold) The run started with a loop to the west and then came back to figure eight into a loop to the east.   I was feeling FANTASTIC and ended up running the entire way - though I had intended to stick to 10:1 and I thought my cramps would force me to do so.   No cramps at all!   We finished in 32:19.  It wasn't my best 5K time, but it definitely wasn't my worst.  Had a blast and with the sheer number of people out there wearing their traffic cone coats, the colour started to grow on me.  A bit.   I'm still going to offset it with plenty of blue, though :P   Oh - and I wore my new Sporthill winter tights that I got on sale at MEC for $35 and was cozy warm the whole way!

Here's me with my Saturday runner girls and another of our TNT team mates who was course marshalling:

The verdict?  It was a super fun race, even in the cold, and was a great way to wrap up a year with friends by my side!   I'll likely do it again next year (if the jacket isn't pink!)

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