Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Home Gym

Hubby decided to reorganize the home gym a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd share some pics of where I workout when I'm not running.   We decided a long time ago that it was much smarter to invest in some equipment instead of spending on a gym membership we may never use.   Over the last 7.5 years, the equipment has been used in bursts and stops (the longest stretch of working out before 2010 was usually around 4 months), but it has been nice to know the equipment is there when we need it again.  In our last 2 houses, we've always had a dedicated gym area in the basement so it is always set up and ready to be used.  In this house, it takes up about a quarter of the basement.

The lay of the land...we have a pullup tower, bike, flat bench, dumbells (both static and adjustable) and a handful of assorted small equipment.  The flooring is interlocking foam mats that I picked up on sale at Walmart.  (In the top right corner, you can see where I hung up all of my race bibs and medals)

From the other side of the room.  My inspiration boards are visible to me when I'm on the bike.  Having my TNT singlet up there reminds me of my achievements!

Our collection of workout videos...a little bit of everything but mostly strength training because I hate doing it on my own.

The inspiration board I made up today.

Having these photos in the room is more inspiring than anything else.  When I see how far I've come and the setbacks I have had throughout the last year, I am so proud and inspired to keep going until I reach my goals!  

My race bibs and medals (well, all but two of them, the pic was taken shortly after I returned form San Fran.)

So there you have little workout haven.   Over the past year, I have come to really love this room.   Knowing it is there gives me the opportunity to fit in a workout whenever the mood strikes me.

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