Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Run Today...oh, the horror!

This cold snap is truly brutal.  Even opening the door for the dogs is torture.   When I saw the forecast yesterday calling for -29C, I decided today would be the day I take my punishment for missing a run - strength training.

I had to warm up before I could pop in one of the videos I use so I decided to enjoy it and do a lighter bike workout for one episode of Sliders.   650 calories burned.   Then I grudgingly put in the video.   The first 8 minutes were squats and lunges and dips and hamstring stuff and pain.   When the next segment was glutes...I skipped it...and the next section (more lunges).  I was happy to see an ab segment so I did that for a couple of minutes and then I called it a day and stretched.

The thing I learned today is that I need an attitude adjustment when it comes to strength training.   I used to love it.  I used to avoid cardio in favour of it.   Nowadays I think I have made cardio too much fun and I WANT to do it.  So now I need to figure out a way to make strength training fun too.   Maybe I need to watch my TV episodes during strength as well to encourage me to want to do it.   I'm worried my form will be sloppy if I don't have a video instructor reminding me to have good form. 

What do you do for strength training to make it fun?  or to at least make it less cringe-inducing?  

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