Saturday, January 1, 2011

Garmin totals for 2010

I bought my Garmin at the start of May and today I am going to reset it for 2011 :)

And the totals I ran this past year are....<insert drumroll here>
Distance: 563.4 KM
Time: 71:05:41
Calories: 46660

This isn't counting Couch to 5K times and distances, but for me it is super impressive how many kilometres I logged this year when I hadn't run anywhere before the end of February.

Edited to add...
Dammit!  I thought I was so on the ball to reset it...and then the second it cleared, I realized I forgot to download the last month and a half of runs :(  Oy.  At least it was probably only 5-6 runs.

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