Friday, January 21, 2011

Free eBooks in the Sony Reader Store!!!

I happened to scan through my junk box this morning and saw one of the emails from the Sony Reader store had been incorrectly filed there!  Good thing I scanned, too, because this one was a gooder!  Tons of free ebooks in the Reader store for the next couple of days!  If you are looking for some new reads, check it out (and check out the bargain books too...I picked up the book the movie "The Social Network" was based on for only $5!!!)

Click here for the Free ebooks!

Note: make sure to read the synopsis for each book you want...there are some "free chapters" included in there.  Better to know before downloading than to think you got a full book and then discover it was just a chapter when you sit down to read it in a couple of months!

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