Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Books - culling and adding

Well, the great purge of 2011 has begin.  I am working at decluttering out home and, boy is it ever liberating to do so.  Last year I cleared out a lot of stuff, but we still have so much.  Hubby and I are both reknowned collectors and we have boxes and boxes of under-used items that we have always been afraid to part with "in case we need them one day".  My biggest collection is undoubtedly my 1000+ book library.  It is the reason people no longer want to help us move.  By the 27th box of books - they are swearing at me!   Yesterday, I took the first step to remedy this.  I pulled out the boxes and started to pull the books from the shelves.

At first, this purge was painful.  I have always been so proud of every volume on those shelves.  I suppose it is fair to say that I started the painful part a year ago when I culled the paper versions of books I now owned in ebook.  I love my ebook reader and it makes so much more sense to store digital versions on a virtual bookshelf than to take up physical space with paper volumes.   My fiction shelfspace found some breathing room after I did that little purge.  This year, though, I am delving into the non-fiction realm.  My reference library.  The friends I call upon in times of information need.  The first few books I took off the shelf stung a little, but after about an hour I found I was purging with the same abandon as I had other areas of the house.   If a book wasn't going to help me in writing papers for my degree or if I wasn't truly interested in the topic - away it went.   If I had more than one book on a topic - I kept only the best one (well, sometimes there were 2 or 3, but I digress).

Now, I have 8 boxes sitting in the library - packed and ready to go to the used bookstore.  To sell this time.  No store credit needed here.  Anything the bookstore doesn't take - I will donate to Calgary Reads for their book sale in May.   I have freed up the two bottom shelves along an entire wall of bookcases!  My daughters now have toy storage space in their playroom!  Yay!   And while the first books were painful to purge - I am very happy to report that not a single tear was shed in the purging of my library.   It was time and I am glad I did it!

Of course - then I went to the post office today and picked up the 2 books I ordered last week...but I promise that I won't keep them if they aren't a) amazing and helpful and b) something I'll re-read over and over.

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