Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bloody cold run...and a tank review

Brrr...is Alberta EVER cold right now.  When I was finally about to drag my ass out of bed around 6:30am (I might have hit snooze around 10 times), I was still hemming and hawing about heading out for a run.  Checking the thermometer didn't help much when it showed -20*C as the current temp (for you American followers, that is -4*F).   Bloody cold.  But still, I had given myself the punishment of weight training if I was going to skip a run and I really didn't want to do that so I started piling on the gear. 

New black tank went on first, followed by the base layer fleece shirt my mother in law got me for Christmas, followed by one of my Paradox 1/4 zips from Costco.  I thought my legs would be warm enough in my winter tights (the fleece-lined ones) so I only put on one layer (BIG mistake).  My winter running coat, fleecy neck thingy, my buff as a balaclava and my fleece hat and headlamp finished the ensemble (well, I wore gloves and a garmin too).  Then I laced up and headed out the door.

At the end of my driveway, I hit start on my timer and headed out.  About 2 blocks later, I glanced at the watch to check my pace and discovered the timer hadn't started.  So I stopped and pressed start again.   I decided to go on one of my old routes that would be around 5K and just as I headed across the highway, I noticed the street I needed to run down was blocked by a GIANT drift.   No one had plowed the end of the street (bet the people living on it loved that).   I saw skidoo tracks so I figured if I went fast, the snow would be stiff enough to hold me...I really believed it until one leg sunk in up to my knee!  Freeing myself, I carried on my merry way.

As I was reaching the 2.5K mark on my Garmin, my thighs suddenly started to hurt from the cold.   It was really bad and I almost called my hubby to come get me because I didn't think i could do it.  Then I remembered how I forgot to plug in the car last night and that by the time he could start it and warm it up, I could be home.  And so I carried on, pain and all (the rest of me was toasty warm - I'd dressed pretty much perfectly otherwise).

By the time I hit my driveway and hit stop on the Garmin, I was really sore.   I hobbled upstairs and took off my tights to see if I had gotten frostbite.  Luckilly - no - but my skin was definitely starting to freeze.  It was red and white and I was glad I'd gotten home when I did.   I discovered today that I definitely need to get another pair of pants to go over my tights.  I'll likely steal my hubbys for the next arctic run.   A nice hot shower took care of the cold and pain and I am fine now, but definitely a lesson learned.  I think today was the coldest temp I'd ever run in.

and now for a little review of that Costco tank.   First of all, I am happy to report that I was wrong about the support of the built in.  It is sufficient for a flatsie like me :)  Didn't feel any bouncing.   Might have been because I had another snug top on over it, but I will continue to try it out and, come summer, I'll be able to give it a real test on its own.  It is nice and long and I didn't feel it shifting or creeping at all.   I was quite comfortable.   No chafing either (and I'd forgotten to use chafe cream just in case).   All in all - as a winter base layer, I'd say it was a success.   I may go get another if I see they have any other dark colours...

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