Friday, January 7, 2011

7/100 done #100days

Still going strong with the 100 Days Challenge.   So far it hasn't really been that hard to get the 30 mins of activity in.  I usually have a 45 min workout slated for 6 days of the week anyway.  I'm planning yoga or something on the Wii for the rest day each week to keep it light and fun but still moving.   It has been very gratifying to cross the days off of the little checklist on the wall.   Makes me feel like I'm working toward something big!

This week has been a huge challenge, to say the least.  My littlest twinner, Doodle, is cutting 2 more teeth and she has been up and upset between 130 and 3am the last two days. Since I am at the end of my tether emotionally, anyway, this has made it really difficult to pull myself out of bed for a run at 6am.   I've missed every weekday run I had slated.  I've been going strong on the bike, though, and am feeling great for having increased the intensity on it.   Plus, I'll get in my long run tomorrow with my runner girls (come hell or freak blizzard, I'll be there - yes, there is a weather warning...figures).  So I have given myself permission to let go of the guilt of missing those runs.   Ultimately my job is making sure my daughter is comforted and has her pain eased as much as I can and, if it means I have to alter my weekday workout, so be it.   I figure there'll be plenty of mornings in the future where she won't want me around anymore and I can work out as long as I please, whenever I please :P

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