Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year in Review

So here was my year in a nutshell...

Jan 1 - weighed in at a whopping 208lbs; resolved to become a former fat girl
Jan 4 - Started food journal and worked out to one episode of Felicity every day on the bike
Jan 13 - Found out my friend had Cancer and resolved to find a run for Lymphoma and raise money
Feb 21 - Started Couch to 5K
April 24 - Signed up for Nike Women's Half Marathon with Team in Training
May 8 - Ran first 5K; was 30lbs lighter than start of year
May 30 - Ran second 5K
July 10 - Ran first 10K
Aug 21 - Ran second 10K
Oct 17 - Ran first half marathon in San Fran - after raising $6655 for Leukemia & Lymphoma; was 40lbs lighter than start of year
Nov 14 - Ran second half marathon; had regained a bunch of weight after slacking off for the month after Nike
Nov 22 - Registered for 2 spring races to keep up motivation; started in on the bike again
Dec 4 - Santa Shuffle 5K
Dec 31 - Resolution Run 5k; ended year 30lbs lighter than start of year; 28 lbs to go to goal weight

I have some work ahead of me for 2011.  I started a gentle cleanse today and am going to do John Bingham's 100 Day Challenge (unofficially, since sign up is on facebook and I am not) and focus on my eating as I train for my first half in 83 days.

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