Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 3 Check In

I'm not so great at the blog upkeep thing.  I'm trying, though :)

Another pound down this week (surprising since the holiday chocolates seem to suddenly be appearing in the house and family celebrations have started).  I haven't done the measuring yet but I am probably down another inch or two.

The pushups are starting to work...I noticed some new definition in my arms this week.  GOOD - it makes it worth the pain of doing the program.   I am now up to 88 pushups.   As for the plank challenge I issued myself, I can now hold one for 1:36.  Amazing, considering only a couple of weeks ago I could barely hold one for 30 seconds.   I had to switch the planks to the opposite days of when I do body is just toast after I do them and it was feeling really had to hold the plank.

If I stick my fingers in my ears and yell "la la la la la" then perhaps I can drown out the metal chastising I've been giving myself for my rotten eating all week.   I've pretty much negated my workouts in overages.   But I still lost a pound so I am doing ok.  I am still on track to be down to my pre-San Fran weight by xmas.  I just have to be more careful and concentrate on eating more real food instead of holiday crap.

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