Sunday, December 26, 2010

SCORE! New Running Shoes for MEEEEEEEE!

I'm so happy!  I just scored a new pair of running shoes for $30!   Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always trying to outfit my running gear in a really budget-friendly way (being a stay at home mom and trying to manage on one income makes me hyper-aware that $200 for running shoes will either mean I go without or that I wear one pair long long long after they should have been retired).  So I tend to check ebay all the time for shoes.  I'm lucky that I wear clown really big shoes so there is less competition when I find a deal on a brand new pair.  There are loads of shoes on there, though they may be a discontinued model, but they are still perfect for me :)  So far, since I started running, I haven't had to pay more than $35 for a pair of brand new Nikes (usually brings it to $50 with shipping).  Sure, I have to wait a week to get them, but the savings is worth the wait...and the cheapness means I can have a couple of pairs to rotate.

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