Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Diet Stupid

Today is the day I stop being "diet stupid".  

It's a classic scenario in CoriWorld.   I start the day strong with an intense workout and then a really healthy breakfast that balances everything I need to have balanced.   Lunch starts to show a little fraying around the edges as I make myself something good and healthy and then I nibble at whatever I am making the girlies.  Usually not alot of nibbling, but a piece of rotini here or a hunk of cheese there.   Usually so small that I fool myself into believing that it doesn't need to be written down because I probably wore it off serving lunch.   When I sit down to watch my stupid soap TV show in the afternoon, I usually have a little nibbly snack and, if we don't have junk food in the house, it is usually a healthy one (I am still pretty good about measuring and recording the junk food, though).  Dinner has potential to be either really good or really bad.  Watching the portions my hubby takes usually makes me want more and I usually deny myself hold back so I can have an evening snack while watching TV.

This is where it all falls apart.  The lights go down and the willpower makes it an early night and leaves me defenseless against the pantry.   The pantry light comes on (automatically, I swear) and the door waves me inside.   Next thing I know, I'm climbing the shelves to see what goodies might be laying in wait at the back of the top shelf (our designated "junk" shelf). Because I know I'm a "to the bottom of the bag" snacker -  I start off okay, measuring out exactly what the package says is a serving.  And then the bag or box gets a little unintentional bump and a few more pieces fall into the bowl.   And then I eat.   And,since that rarely satisfies what I want...and I've been so good all day...I go back for another handful.   And another 200-500 calories makes its way onto my food list for the day.

When I take the time to figure out what I've done and do the math - my morning workout usually cancels out more than my evening diet stupidity.  I can justify it that way until Sunday, when I step on the scale and the number hasn't budged.   I've worked out all week and eaten relatively healthy, but that little slice of diet stupidity I have in the evening has kept me standing still for another week.  

So, today, the diet stupidity stops.   Even if I need to only eat pre-packaged, calorie restricted snackies, I will keep my evening chow-fests to no more than 200 calories.   It gives me a little wiggle room and should help me stay on track as long as I have an allowance.  

Here's hoping.    So, tell me - what is your diet stupidity?  The thing you recognize as hurting your efforts but you do it anyway....

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