Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Hangover and living in reality

Ok - it's not what you think.  I didn't have a drop to drink this Christmas.  I am just feeling the after effects of too much sugar and salt.  It was a year ago that I weighed in and saw the reality of my post-baby slacking and, when I stood on the scale yesterday, I was suddenly up almost 8lbs from the week before!  I also took my progress pics since my food journal runs out today and I look like I am HUGE with a giant gut. I KNOW it isn't real.  I am likely retaining water from all of the salt and not enough water intake.   Add to that a bit of raging monthly hormones and the number and pictures are just wrong.   When I thought about it a minute or two, I decided that I am not counting this weeks weigh in or photo.  Next week, when I start my new journal with the new year, I will take fresh new pictures (Might be a good time to pick a better background too lol) and will go from the weight that day.  

As for this week, it's time to start some half marathon training.  It will be my first weekday run since San Fran and I am looking forward to getting out there.   My brain needs a good cleaning and nothing does that like a quick 5K :)  I'm also looking forward to running in the mountains this week when we are in Canmore to meet up with my family for a little holiday get together.   Since we'll have onsite babysitting, I think my hubby is looking forward to going for a run with me - his first since he started :)  It'll be nice to have the company.  

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