Sunday, December 5, 2010

2nd week - not so great

Well, week 2 is where I usually get sloppy and this one was no exception.  I did GREAT on the workout front.  5 days on the bike and then a run on the 6th.   But holiday goodies and cold winter nights did in my good intentions for eating well.   Luckily, the workouts seem to have balanced out my dietary indiscretions and I stayed the same for the week weight wise (lost 1.5 inches, apparently).  An up note for the diet crap...I did write everything down.  So at least I wasn't pretending to be in denial about what I was doing LOL.  

Now the junk food is out of the house so I can concentrate on being good again.   Week 3, I get the eating back on track.  If I can stick to my calorie allowance and keep up the workouts...I should see a big loss by the end of next week.  Here's hoping.

Off to bed now.  I have a super early appointment in the morning so I need to get up extra early to get that workout in.  As my little Doodle would say "Nuh-Nite"

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