Wednesday, September 15, 2010

$5000 Purple Hair

Last night, my wonderful hairdresser, Brandi, met me at the salon after hours to turn my locks purple - as promised in my Fundraising Pledge!   She generously donated her services to make this happen!

I am an almost 34-year old mom of one year old twins and I wanted a purple I could live with.   I think many people were expecting I would go Barney purple but really...I'm not 14 years old and just can't pull off that look.  Brandi mixed up a really nice dark purple that was about the same tone as my natural colour.   Then she added in highlights that were the pure violet colour.   It wasn't long before my entire head was covered in goo and foils.   A short time later and we were ready to rinse and style it.

So now I will be rocking some gorgeous purple hair for the  next few months (unless people decide they want to get super generous in the next month and get me all the way to $10,000...and then I will need to fulfill the rest of my pledge and shave it off!   Whadya say?  Are YOU up for the challenge?  Donate today!

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